Hair AND Shopping

Hair AND Shopping

Ok I admit it I was actively putting off taking my gremlin to the hairdressers. Last time we went I had to pin her body and head down whilst she had a major tantrum. The poor hairdresser had tried every distraction in the book; the animals on the gown, the hairbrush, look at Mummy having her hair done, everything! The minute she tugged on my gremlin’s hair she writhed and went nuts. So I resorted to temporary restraining whilst the old dears in the salon pretended not to notice.

So she was sporting the longest fringe ever. I tried pretending it was this cool side fringe and attempted to brush it a bit but no it was getting ridiculous and she actually couldn’t see. I spent more time brushing her hair out of her face. A couple of NCT friends said their little ones had sat nice and still so I was kind of hopeful (and jealous) but the girl not wearing rose tinted glasses knew my gremlin would not be so easy. But I grew a pair (not literally) and booked an appointment for us both to get fringe trims.

I went first whilst the gremlin stood patiently waiting by my side…so far so good. Her turn came around and she happily got into her animal gown and sat on my knee. A few hair tugs later and the devil within was unleashed. Cue crying and writhing. This time I gave in pretty sharpish and just held her tight whilst her Cousin It fringe was trimmed. And definitely worth it! Not sure if she agrees judging by her face.

We had then planned to go shopping straight after. Shopping with my gremlin has gone full circle. When she was tiny it was how long can I go before I need to go to the John Lewis baby room to breastfeed? I would try and rush around like a mad thing in between watching her little face desperately praying for no meltdowns. Then there was a fairly content phase where she would happily sit in her pram whilst we were in town for quite a while and I could totter around quite slowly. Things are not quite a rushed as the early days but I know I only have a limited period of time before she gets really bored and fidgity. Then come the, “come out, come out” and I’m done for. Typically this morning I had tonnes to do for hubby’s birthday. Going to a party this weekend = a new dress and I desperately needed new white bras after dying two blue last week….yep washing machine fail.

I felt quite mad doing both shopping and hair this morning, especially after an early morning gym session. We managed to get everything done before hitting meltdown mode in Sainsburys, I had used all tactics; buying her a Peppa Pig balloon, a drink, a banana, holding my keys and letting her try on sunglasses.

But no my time was up, Time to go home, get her down for a nap, cuppa and some catch up cleaning and television, Phew!