The Germ Rant

The Germ Rant

It’s January. It’s winter. It’s not Christmas and it’s cold season.

In my case however, it’s about the 10th cold since my gremlin was born. I thought before becoming a Mummy I had a fab immune system. Apart from the usual bugs at University, I rarely took a sick day. I was warned by work colleagues that I was much more likely to be poorly throughout my pregnancy. During this time your immune system is weakened which is good, so it doesn’t reject your baby. Despite these warnings I never succumbed. Having done a biology degree and learnt about the fabulous thing that is the immune system, I had visions of my pretty superhero-like T-cells armed with swords fighting anything that entered my serene baby-carrying body; I was pretty smug! I got a sharp kick up the bum when my gremlin appeared and this took a serious turn for the worse when she started nursery at the most crucial time; when I went back to work. I have a healthy work buddy who drags herself in a lot, including during her early pregnancy days when armed with awful morning sickness. This can be a good and bad thing as it spurs me to always go in – good. Not so good when feeling like death warmed up!

It is expected that babies can have up to eight colds in their first year of life but when Mummy and Daddy are also achieving the same levels of sickness, this can be pretty miserable. As a fitness lover illness can really hamper training. Having a little Dr Google suggests exercising with a cold is not always the worst thing you can do as long as you listen to your body and stop if you feel unwell. However, from personal experience exercising when snotty leaves me with a burning throat and can prolong the cold duration, especially if intensive. Therefore, I’m usually looking at 5-7 days out which can drive me insane!

The tummy bugs are worse. The effect the threat of norovirus in the house has on my hubby is monumental; he turns into Kim and Aggie on stimulants when our gremlin has any sort of sickness and diarrhoea. I usually have to nag him about all the rock hard food stuck to her highchair after he “cleans” up. However if vomit appears it’s like the scene from Monsters Inc when a child touches one of the Scarers – DECONTAMINATE! The bleach is out, every towel is washed and hands take on a sandpaper appearance after 10 straight washes in a row. I’m considering buying him a hazmat suit for his birthday.

It is pretty hard to avoid as any parents should know. I’ve been sneezed, coughed, puked, pooed on and wiped snotty noses and gunky eyes. Tissues should be binned immediately. Hands washed for 60 seconds per wash but really? When does this happen? Usually in the time I’ve gone to the bathroom to wash my hands, my gremlin has followed and stuck her hand down the loo and then finds it hilarious to put her finger in my mouth. Bacteria and viruses get it easy in our household. It’s natural selection at its best or worst!

I have been informed by my lovely experienced Mummy friends that this first 2 years or so is normal. Little ones will pretty much pick everything up and overtime this will stop as their little immune systems get stronger. It will get better, they will get better so you will get better. So, I’m hopeful….until we are thinking about baby no 2…

She’s worth it!! xxx