A Blogger’s Child. Spoilt or Lucky?

A Blogger’s Child. Spoilt or Lucky?

Before I started blogging back in 2015, I had no idea about doing reviews. Being sent things to write about them and take pictures? I didn’t have a clue. Did I ever think I would have spoilt kids from blogging when I started? Not at all.

Even now if I think back, I can’t remember what the first thing I reviewed! Possibly some protein drinks and yes, I never asked if there was budget!

I started blogging just to write and as the years passed I started being offered more and more stuff. I’ve had some great opportunities: vacuums, carpet cleaners, gifts for Christmas, a pressure cooker and toys…lots of toys!!

girl playing with baby annabell pram

Initially with toys I used to dismiss them. The gremlin was a bit young and I didn’t think worth for her. However, as she has got older, I’ve realised toys can be brilliant around Christmas time, as I barely have to buy anything. This saves us so much money and I’m proud the blog can do this for us. Also, the reviews can be fabulous for traffic from Google. With over 1.1k views this Christmas Day, mainly from toy reviews via Google, I know they can be fabulous for traffic.

But, there’s always a but!

Are all these toy reviews good for the gremlin? As this post asks, as a blogger’s child. Is she lucky or is she spoilt?

I’ll be honest, I sometimes think both. For little Piglet her main few presents from me came from the blog. A pram and two Peppa Pig toys. She has played with them and loved them on Christmas Day. This was great! For the gremlin, she had a couple of things from the blog and honestly? She’s not been fussed by them, being most excited for the presents she asked for or I chose. I was also glad to see at Christmas she has been very grateful for all her gifts and gone back and opened each one and played, especially any crafts or dolls.

girls playing with buzz and woody

Christmas isn’t the issue really though. It’s the toys she gets throughout the year too. Granted it’s not all year but approaching the Christmas period, there can be a lot. Often she reviews the toy and either her sister is more interested or they are put to one side after a bit. Of course I worry that she is just getting too used to getting new things and is a bit spoilt. We don’t tend to buy her anything during the year, apart from books and clothes but still!

I find it really hard!! I know to people reading the blog or following us on social media, the amount of things I can promote can be a little obscene! I don’t necessarily think I have to defend myself here, as the blog is almost my second job and if a review will benefit it or there is earning potential, I will take it. However, I can understand the thoughts around the girls getting a LOT of stuff!

Are they lucky? Hell yes! The gremlin has got to try out some top toys in her time – Luvabella, Hatchimals Hatchibabies and Poopsie Slime and yes she’s loved it but should she get to keep them all after? Possibly not.

What I have started doing is giving more away. If she is reviewing a toy and we get more than one pack, we either pass to a friend or give away as presents. I’m thinking I will do that more often. She’s very good at this and does understand she can’t have it all.

I’m also thinking of telling her she’s more of a ‘toy tester’ and unless she really adores something, either selling or giving it away. And there is of course respecting what the gremlin wants to do! She may not want to be involved and have pictures taken at some point.

I love trying out new toys myself! It’s exciting and fun and I enjoyed watching her and taking the pictures. I know I will want to keep up with them this 2019.

So I’ll definitely be more mindful and what we keep. I’ll definitely be telling the gremlin she won’t be keeping it all and the reasons why. I’ll also be respecting her decisions and asking her about potential reviews and making her aware which toys we will be passing on.

girl playing with Poopsie slime

As a blogger and mum there is always going to be that fine line between trying out so many new toys, and of course I’m so grateful for that, and having a child who is a bit spoilt.

If you’re a blogger reading this what do you think and what do you do?

If you’re not a blogger what do you think? Would love to know.

a blogger's child. Spoilt or lucky