10 Things I Will Do Differently at BritMums Live

10 Things I Will Do Differently at BritMums Live

So I lost my BritMums Live virginity last weekend. I’ve been blogging since January and after convincing my hubby it was so worthwhile, I forked out the ticket price. I had a ticket booked!

In short it was fab. I recognised so many lovely bloggers and it was lovely to get recognised in return. I learnt a lot and meeting the awesome people I have been chatting to online for 5 months was just amazing. Their insight and tips were just second to none.

Since going I have seen some really brilliant round ups by Tim, Emily, Martyn and Michaela. So I didn’t want to to re-do this or really re-invent the wheel.

I loved BritMums but what would I do differently if I went next year?

  • Try and get a sponsor. After chatting to some fellow bloggers I realised it wasn’t so cheeky to tweet out a request or ask directly. If you don’t ask you don’t get and hopefully my blog will improve in the next 12 months.
  • Not take 100 business cards. I gave away around 15-20. This was quite a cost on top of my ticket and train ticket.
  • Follow my gut about a session and not follow the crowd. I was guilty of this a couple of times and regretted the session I went to.
  • Get up and walk out of a session if it wasn’t for me. It took me until the last session to actually get the balls to do this and it was so worth it. I learnt lots about Pinterest. You have paid for that ticket if you are not sponsored, so get the best out of the sessions!
  • If nothing does look that appropriate on the sessions take a break, speak to the brands and collect your thoughts. It’s a long 2 days and busy. Also this may provide some time to chat to another person who has thought the same thing.
  • Dress up a bit more! I bought a dress for the Saturday but wore jeans on Friday and wish I’d gone with my nerve and glammed up a tad more. Some people looked amazing.
  • Take a better bag. I took a huge Mary Poppins satchel and could not find anything! I need something with pockets that I can organise my phone, business cards, chargers better. I looked like a right muppet delving around for ages for a card.
  • Bring some healthy food. This may not be for everyone as who doesn’t like cake and sweet stuff? But there was an awful lot of it and I really fancied some fresh fruit in the breaks with a cuppa.
  • Stay right until the end! I was missing my girlie and wanted to see her before bed. A lot of people did leave so I thought I would too. However, it sounds like the keynote speakers at the end were awesome.
  • Drink a bit more wine! I was quite careful in what I had (especially as was zonked after 3 hours sleep the previous night) but it was free and lovely. I am even more gobby (and rude) after alcohol but maybe next time I may be a bit less reserved!