When Blogging Stops Being Fun

When Blogging Stops Being Fun

I’ve been blogging for over 3 years now and I’ve definitely had peaks and troughs. There are time when I love it. I’m in the flow and enjoying myself. Often these may not be the times when I am earning lots or my stats are booming; I may be doing some fun reviews or enjoying Instagram.

Then I go through the troughs. Times when I can’t be bothered. Times when I know I’m not putting as much effort into it and those are the times when I know I need to step back and have a think. To re-evaluate things and get my mojo back.

Two things happened recently that made me look at my blog and think WHY am I doing this?

I looked at my calendar; jam packed with posts I have to get out in the next 2 weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about work and earning money but I realised there was barely any of my own content. Reviews and sponsored posts were literally covering my calendar. Not even posts that had many of my own photos in them. Some even had stock images.

I wasn’t even finding the time to take my own photos! I went through a phase of loving taking pictures; used to take me my camera everywhere. I’ve just stopped. This isn’t me. This isn’t my blog. I’ve lost my photo love and even my hubby who takes a lot for me, hasn’t recently. We’ve been busy. Working. Bad weather. Not doing as much. I guess life does happen to get in the way.

The second thing that happened was my domain authority dropped. This is DA to the blogging world and is a marker of how high your blog rates on Google. I have no idea why it dropped as it was more than just a couple of points. This really niggled me, even though deep down I knew it didn’t massively matter.

What has blogging suddenly become to me? Numbers? Work? Not my own stuff. Certainly not enough of my own photos and original content.

I started blogging as I wanted to write, to learn about something new, to have a new hobby. I didn’t care about DA. I wasn’t even that bothered about reviews or work. I went through a period of time after little Piglet was born when I just enjoyed writing, taking photos and doing the odd reviews. It was fun and I think that actually led to me getting more work.

I know I need too Pick my camera up again, get snapping and write a bit more about the ordinary moments.

I know I need to focus on less posts, maybe even less work, until I get my mojo back.

This blogging Mama needs to frame herself and remember why she started out!

blogging stops being fun