BlogOn Vs Brit Mums Live – My Thoughts

So this isn’t meant to be a blog conference bashing. I’ve been to both Brit Mums Live and BlogOn now and I thought it would be useful to do a summary of what I thought about both meet ups and which I thought was worth going to in the future.

I have been to Brit Mums Live twice now and I attended my first BlogOn conference this weekend. There are definite differences and pros and cons I identified. Some of you may agree or disagree, so would love to hear what you think too.

I’m actually not going to Brit Mums Live either this weekend as it falls on Piglet’s birthday weekend. I’m aware they have been some changes so will be interesting to hear people’s thoughts.

Brit Mums Live

Brit Mums Live is held once a year in London. There are also awards associated with this conference; The BIBs. A ticket costs £1o0.

There is more of a “grand” feeling to Brit Mums. Possibly due to the associated award ceremony. In previous years it has been held at the Brewery and this is an amazing venue. It is a bigger conference than BlogOn and I remember thinking I did not know that many people both years I went. The main room is huge and it has that “conference feeling”. A big event can be a pro for some people but if shy away from larger events, Brit Mums Live may not be the one for you.

Brit Mums are also offering “experiences” this year across the weekend, around London. This will allow for socialising and seeing the City. Perfect for blogging photography! In previous years I have done an Instagram walk and this was lovely to chat to other bloggers before the actual event.

The brands were set up in a quite a large, spacious room, previously, where people tend to chill and chat between sessions. This is good if you fancy a break in between, as sitting and listening all day does get quite full on. I found this room quite comfortable and not too overcrowded.

The sessions I personally did not find that helpful at Brit Mums Live, especially last year. Some of the sessions are set up as question and answer forums. This I was not keen on. I found I read the title of the session, chose and found it was not what I expected. I hate to say it often felt like the bloggers taking the session tended to talk more about their achievements and it wasn’t that helpful. It will be interesting to hear if this format has changed this year.

Brit Mums is well organised and it was good that you could leave when you wanted and easily pick up your goody bag. I liked this flexibility.

Some bloggers have talked about Brit Mums Live being a bit cliquey. I have not ever found this and personally always had a lovely time.


Firstly, this conference is cheaper. £50, instead of £100. It is held in Manchester and there are no associated awards.

I really enjoyed my first BlogOn experience. Firstly the event does have more of an intimate, smaller feeling with 200 tickets on sale. I knew so many more people and I liked this. It felt a lot less intimidating and it was easier to walk in and greet people. The simple touches made me feel more comfortable too; a breakfast was put on. Who can go wrong with a sausage bap?

I found the pre-conference party good too. It was nice to break to ice, chat and have a few drinks the night before. There was a free bar for a while too. Bonus!!!

The venue for BlogOn did change this time around and although I managed to find my way around, I did miss a few people and there was a lot of moving around and a broken lift. There are of course always going to be a few teething problems with a new venue.

The brand area was well organised but it was more cramped than at Brit Mums. I felt hotter and a lot more squished. I did feel I didn’t spend as much time with the brands as I could have, as I felt a little claustrophobic at times. I definitely chatted and socialised in other areas, unlike Brit Mums.

However, I have had some lovely emails already from the brands, so they are a lovely bunch!

The sessions were brilliant at BlogOn and I loved the more lecture style of them. I saw what the title was. I attended and got exactly what I expected from them. This was a definite plus. The speakers, who were all bloggers, knew their stuff so this made it worthwhile attending.

Although the raffle at the end had some awesome prizes, this I found too much. The room was very hot and I was keen to make tracks and pass my tickets on. Unfortunately, if we wanted goody bags, we had to wait until the end. I do feel there should be more flexibility here, so someone can leave early if needs be.


For me, I preferred BlogOn and the main reason was I actually learnt something. I do feel if you are paying for a conference, you need to go away with some knowledge. I did not get this last year with Brit Mums and despite Brit Mums being easier to leave at the end and perhaps a better venue, it did not trump BlogOn for content.

Both conferences are long days and tiring but that would be expected with travelling and late nights.

Both conferences are brilliant for socialising and meeting people. I can’t really deny that but I felt I spoke to many more people at BlogOn. There was more of a friendly feeling but this may be because I knew so many more people.

I would go back to Brit Mums Live in the future, don’t get me wrong. but I enjoyed the intimacy and friendly nature of BlogOn. It is well organised, fun and I felt very relaxed during the event.

If you are a blogging conference lover I would love to hear your thoughts!!