2015 – Mainly Bests!

2015 – Mainly Bests!

I sat down to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas on Christmas Eve with the hubby and had a crazy sense of deja vu. It was like I had only just watched it. Well I had; 12 months ago! How has that year passed so quickly? Since having the gremlin time has flown.

So 2015? Where have you gone and what have I done? As with any year there are highs and low. Best and Worsts! Here are mine:

A Best – BLOGGING – of course! Couldn’t start with much else really. I saw my friends Helen at All the Beautiful Things and Caroline from Becoming a Stay at Home Mum and thought I could do that! And so Run Jump Scrap was born. I love writing and want to keep my memories for my daughter when she is older. I’ve made some amazing friends (you know who you are), got closer to other friends, like Helen and Caroline, ¬†gone to Brit Mums, gone self hosted, started a linky, hit the top 250 in Tots and had some fab opportunities. It will always be a hobby and nothing more but a brill hobby and I hope to continue in 2016.


A WORST – losing my Grandma. Some of you will have read about her passing in November. I was very sad, as she was the last of the older Boococks to pass away but she lived until 95 and it was peaceful. I have the best memories and was thankful the gremlin knew her.

In the early hours of the morning I had to say #goodbye to my #amazing 95 year old #grandma so sad but such a life! Will miss you xxx #family #mbloggers

A BEST – Having an amazing family holiday. We had such a great holiday in Fuerteventura this year. The gremlin stayed up late every night, danced away and just had great fun with us all. We are not sure if we will go away in 2016 as thinking of a house move and all may be very hectic but fingers crossed!

A BEST – trips away. This year I have really felt like “me” since having the gremlin. She is settled, happy and such a cute little buddy. As she has such a good relationship with her extended family, I have felt confident leaving her overnight and had some little breaks away with work or alone. Hubby and I have had a break in Birmingham, courtesy of blogging, I have been to Lyon and Amsterdam with work and I recently went to Cork to see friends. I adore being a Mum but I love the breaks, time with hubby and friends too and I am so grateful I have the opportunity to have them.

Me and one of my #besties apart from the #flight Fabbo #weekend #ireland #kidfree #cuddles #fun #friends #redhead#mbloggers

A BEST – new opportunities. This one sounds a bit cryptic and is not blogging related but towards the end of this year, I have had a great opportunity come my way. All starts next week and I will be seeing how it goes so watch this space.

A BEST – joining the National Trust. Although the weather has been shocking recently and we have not used it recently we LOVE our National Trust membership. The gremlin loves to run about, they are beautiful and it feeds my love of the countryside which was also very special to my late Dad. I’m hoping we get to go again very soon.


A BEST – a visit from my cousin who now lives in the States. This was great as had not seen each other for months. We shopping, went out to eat, chilled and had a girlie night. Hoping to see the rest of the family in 2016.


A BEST – my scrapping has continued and I have been ordering my Hip Kit Club kits for a year now. These are amazing and I have created some brilliant layouts. I’m continuing with my subscription for next year. I love my blogging breaks as I always scrap like a loon!

Today's finished piece! My #gorgeous #holiday #babe #thebest #scrapbooking #scrapbook #hipkitclub #maggieholmesshine #thickers #maggieholmes #hobby #crafts #sazzyscrap #mbloggers

There have been way more highs than lows and overall it has been a great year. I think there are always going to be crappy and awesome times so make the most of being happy and embrace the crappiness! It will pass.

Lets see what 2016 is going to bring.

Happy New Years my lovelies!!