Beets Blu Smart Scales **REVIEW**

I use body composition scales in my job as a dietitian. It’s good to know what a person’s fat and muscle % is so they can come back and compare each time. It sets goals and targets and can provide real motivation.

I was contacted recently to review some Beets Blue Smart Bluetooth Scales, which measure your weight and body composition and send the results automatically to your phone via an app you can download from both the Apple and Android Stores. I was definitely up for this!

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The scales arrived and were so easy to set up. It was a case of downloading the app. This is pretty self explanatory. You can add more than more user profile and set it to the correct person prior to taking a measurement. You add details of sex, height, body type and your goals and you are away.



The scales take 4 x AAA batteries which are included. You insert them and the scales are ready to be used. It is important not to rest them on carpet or lino, or basically anything soft as will affect accuracy. If you move the scales you must follow a series of steps on the instructions, which includes stepping on and off, before taking a measurement. However, the instruction list is really short, which is great!

IMG_7524 IMG_7523

They are so easy to use!!

I wasn’t sure of the accuracy with me being pregnant at the moment but I hopped on and had a go to test it. It did my weight easily and then I had to wait for the scales to send my body composition over to my phone. It did this really quickly. Hubby programmed his details in and set up a profile and he had a turn too.



I am hoping to use these more after the baby has come to monitor my progress a bit, once I am exercising. I’m sure a monster bump will have affected things.

These scales were one of easiest things I have ever set up. It took me about 60 seconds. I cannot comment on the accuracy but at least they will be a benchmark to work from for anyone wanting to set and achieve goals with weight loss or toning up.

I would definitely recommend!

Disclosure РI was provided these scales in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.