Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor – REVIEW

AD – I’m a massive fitness and gym geek so when I was offered a Beets Blu heart rate monitor to review, I jumped at it!

More About the Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor

Many of you may know I love my Fitbit but the Beets Blu monitor has a strap that goes across your chest and syncs with an app on your phone. I was really interested to see if this would differ from the Fitbit and be more accurate.

The Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor

The product arrived and the first thing to do was download the app. I have an iPhone but it is available on Android too. You can scan the app off the box but I did a standard ‘Beets Blu’ search on the Apple Store and found it.

Once downloaded and a few of my details added, like age and weight I was ready to go before my gym class.

Me wearing the Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor

Putting the strap across my body was quite easy. It is adjustable and was comfy. You need to wet the contact points and then synch it with the app. I had a few issues at first but it calibrated and found my heart rate, displaying this on the app. I checked my Fitbit and the rates were almost identical. Happy Days!

What I wasn’t aware of and should have checked, is the app is just a simple heart rate monitor. I wanted it to track my heart rate over my body pump class but it doesn’t. It just tells you what it is at the time! I needed to download a compatible app like Map my Run so track my heart rate and calories for a session!

Lesson learnt and I did this before my gym session the next day. I downloaded the fitness app Endomondo which is compatible with the heart rate monitor.

I was only planning a 20 minute work out on the cross trainer at my Mum’s so thought perfect chance to test it. I put the monitor on and calibrated to  the Beets Blue app. I must say I did have a few issues getting it working this time around. You do need to have it in the position shown in the photo above and the contacts need wetting. Hubby had to help me but I’m sure I will get used to that. Once it was working on the Beets Blue app it synced with Endomondo and my heart rate went up quickly, as I cross trained.

Results from the Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor


After 20 minutes, there was a fab summary, which included a calorie count that I was interested in.


results from Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor


I was impressed with the monitor. I was checking with my Fitbit as I worked out and this fluctuated a lot, or stayed at a much lower heart rate. I’m aware they are not always the best for exercise however.  The Beets Blue monitor monitored my heart rate at a steady number, which I felt was accurate, as once I got cross training I wasn’t increasing or decreasing effort.

Overall, I was impressed with the Beets Blu heart rate monitor. I had a few issues with it calibrating initially but this was easily sorted and once you get used to it’s positioning and set up this will pass. Bear in mind you need an activity tracking compatible app to use it with. Once that is sorted you are away.

I will definitely be using this for some of my gym workouts.

I was provided the Beets Blu heart rate monitor for free for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.