10 Things That Change as Your Child Gets Older

10 Things That Change as Your Child Gets Older

My gremlin is approaching 5 years old now. I can and I can’t believe it at the same time. Time does fly but I do feel I am appreciating her at this age. I’d heard quite a few bad things about kids getting to four; the “fournager” but apart from her saying “no” a bit more and being completely ridiculous, I don’t feel I lose it with her that much anymore. Sure it will come but hey!


Things just start to slowly change, as they start to get that bit older. You start to see that innocent little toddler turning, well in my case, into a little girl. Not just that, a person! A person with thoughts, opinions, wants and dislikes, just like we have.

It’s hard though, as you always seem to think of them as an extension of you but they aren’t. They are little independent, frustrating, little beings and there is nothing you can do to stop them changing.

But what changes? This is what I mean.

– They start telling you about things that you have no clue about. Apparently I say L.O.L. Surprise wrong, when I am talking about them. I walk through toy shops and she is explaining what everything is. When did I get so out of touch?

– She doesn’t always want to hug me. I went into her school recently to do a talk about healthy eating and expected her to give me a nice hug goodbye. Forget that! She had gone off with her friends and me and teacher were looking for her, as she pretty much vanished. Thanks darling!

– She is fascinated by swear words. She soon learnt the word s**t, well I am her Mother! However, she then started asking if every other word that came out of my mouth was a swear word, giggling away. Oh the joys.

– She wants a new bed. A single normal bed will not do anymore (I blame YouTube videos). Not even a bunk bed will do. A kids mid sleeper bed with tent will do Mummy; I like the way I have a den, as well as a bed. The simple life is over eh?

– They astound you with what they remember; their little brains are like sponges. I still cannot believe my daughter can read and write. It doesn’t seem possible. She’s still a baby!

– She is so much more independent. I hate to say it but an older child is easier. Of course she hangs around a lot and drives me potty but she goes off and plays, draws, watches telly, gets herself dressed. It is so much easier.

– She is just lovely company. I’m not saying a toddler isn’t fun but trying to take them out into town or for a meal is a bit of a mission. Taking my 4 year old is almost a pleasure. She eats her food, holds my hand and lets me look at clothes. I can’t complain!

– She can be helpful. I try not to be on her back all the time but she starting to put her clothes in the washing basket, she will fetch me things and she is starting to get that she needs to tidy up and not leave mess everywhere. This comes in very useful with a crazy toddler running around too.

– They make you laugh a LOT! It’s not that cute “look at them” laughing you get with your toddler, it’s word mispronunciations, simply crazy behaviour, toilet humour and her just being her. Life is never serious with my gremlin.

I’m embracing it and embracing her a lot too. My funny, kind, ridiculous, wind up merchant of a daughter is changing everyday. I know it won’t always be funny and easier but I’m making the most of it whilst it is!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.