Mother’s Intuition

Mother’s Intuition

We have barely hinted that we may be thinking about another baba next year but already my hubby and I are bickering.

It is over the most stupid thing.

I am convinced I “knew” that the gremlin was going to be a girl when I was expecting. I am already speculating if I will have a feeling and know next time around, if we are lucky and I fall pregnant again.

My husband then tends to snort and state that I am talking bollocks and it is a 50/50 chance of it being either sex (which it is) and I didn’t have a clue at all.

This just does my head in.

To be fair we did spend a RIDICULOUS amount of time whilst I was pregnant last time guessing what it may be. The majority of people who looked at me thought it was a boy by the way I carried, as I was all bump and you couldn’t tell I was pregnant from behind. But I felt horrendously sick at the start and didn’t grow any extra hair on my tummy (!) so others said girl.

I remember a friend quoted a story from the Daily Fail which said all the myths about what the sex of your baby is were pretty crap but the biggest thing they had found a link with was a mother’s intuition. It is a strong force in my mind.

I followed a theory called the nub theory I found online or “angle of the dangle” from my 12 week scan. If you get a good picture you can see a nub between the legs of the baby. If it is parallel to the spine it is more likely to be a girl (in theory). If it is at an angle; a boy. The gremlin’s was very flat so this did hint to a girl in my mind. I have guessed the sex from a few friend’s scans since but I have to say it is not accurate for sure! Again my husband thought this was a load of crap but I had my auntie convinced.

There is no definite way of knowing, unless you have a scan after the right time but I’m convinced I just knew she was a girl. I remember peeing on the cheap stick from Tesco after work on the Christmas Eve of 2012 and when I saw that line just knowing it was a girl and everything was going to be ok.

I hope I get that feeling next time. Will we find out? I don’t know yet. If we don’t I will probably spend 50% of the pregnancy arguing with my hubby about what it is!!

What about you? Did you know what you were having? Or was your guess completely wrong?

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