Out of sight out of mind

Out of sight out of mind

Five months had passed since hubby and I boarded a plane for Dublin for a fantastic Irish wedding. We were gone 2 nights, dancing, ate out and lay in. It’s been 5 months since we left our gremlin overnight for a break and we were ready to do it again this weekend. After a pretty naff January riddled with colds and illness we were praying to make the trip down to Kent for one of hubby’s mate’s 30ths. We were getting to the point where we were cancelling more plans than making them so it was fingers crossed all round!

I always miss the gremlin but some time out is always brilliant and always needed. I can sit down and concentrate on something before she eats a rock from the fireplace. We can have a couple of drinks (and I mean a couple – this is enough to elicit a nice hangover these days) and sleep it off without hearing someone babbling in the next room at 6.30am. Complete bliss.

So we left the little monster at Nanna and Grandad’s and made the trip down to Kent. After checking in, bouncing on the bed, making a cuppa, usual antics I felt that usual wave of longing to see the gremlin for a bit. So I Facetimed my Mum. I got a lovely “Mummy” when she saw me and then she was off playing. My Mum chased her around the room trying to get her to come and see us but she about as interested in us as I am watching Antiques Roadshow. I had to call my Mum back due to crap hotel Wifi and my Mum managed to hold her for all of 5 seconds before she was off. Mummy who you may ask?

Now I suppose this is a good thing. She doesn’t cry for us, is happy and obviously this is the most important thing. She can be left with her Grandparents without a fuss at all but come on? Not even a slight pang for your Mummy? No separation worries? I know, I do think myself lucky.

We had a fabulous night. Plenty of drinks and dancing and a sleep in until 8.30am was amazing. So after our usual 3 course breakfast (you have to do it don’t you?) we headed back home. It’s always lovely getting this little buzzy feeling, like butterflies, when going back to see the gremlin and I was pretty dying to see her. We walked into my Mum’s lounge announcing our presence to be met with Miss Lady Muck sprawled over Grandad watching Peppa Pig. Did she dive into our arms shouting “Mummy!” “Daddy!”? Did she heck. I resorted to grabbing the wriggly little worm for a cuddle and even then she managed to saunter off to play with her toys and hang around her adopted parents for the weekend. She’s like a cat; she changes her affections like she changes her nappies. The little gremlin came around after a while and I managed to get the pleasure of reading her a story when she felt like it.

Out of sight, out of mind eh? I think we will be taking a few more weekend breaks in the future!!