Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker

It’s funny what you want to “be” when you are a child. My first career aspiration was a hairdresser. You read right. Me. A hairdresser. The girl who is crap at doing her own hair and has to physically pin her daughter down to even brush hers. 

That idea went out of the window quickly. Then I decided I wanted to be a vet. I used to drive through the countryside with my Dad smelling that skanky cow dung smell thinking, I can cope with this. I want to be a VET! A swift week of work experience later made me realise that no, I didn’t want to be a vet. I was there about 2 days before I almost fainted watching a cat get spayed. 

Then for some random reason (fainting etc) I wanted to be a doctor next. I went on some residential course in high school and I still remember some crazy ass medic giving us some inspiring lecture. He was nuts and completely obsessed with his job (nothing wrong with that). However, I just didn’t get it. I didn’t want to work nights. I didn’t want to be dragged out of bed with no bra on at 3am being on call, so doctor was crossed off my list. My passion for science (nerd) and the human body was still high up there so after doing a biology degree, the next best thing was working in healthcare. That plus food = dietitian and here I am.

This got me thinking about my gremlin. I know it’s a long way off but I wonder what she will want to do with her life? If it’s up to hubby she’ll be off to Uni to do a physics/IT/engineering degree. I’m still pondering it. She’s a fiesty, determined one so I’m betting anything she decides to do, she will do it. We have been told at nursery she is fab at concentrating and getting the task done (this not been inherited from me!) so I’m hoping this will set up her for aiming and achieving whatever she sets her heart on.

Emma’s Diary have launched a fab, fun new tool that shows the trends with what month you are born in with what career you are more likely to have. For my gremlin who was an August girl, according to this she is most likely to be a bricklayer! This made me smile, as she loves piling up the rocks in the garden. Hubby should have been a debt collector. This is quite hilarious as he’s really tight money and saving savvy so collecting money would be right up his alley.

Go ahead and have a look. What will your little darling be?

Birth months - Seasonal trends Infographics

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