The 8 Most Stupid Kid Strops

My word of the week is stroppy. My daughter is stroppy. This is probably a good thing as had a poorly girl last week and she is back to her usual self. I’m sure it’s totally normal. She’s hit 18 months old and she has me for a Mother; she’s probably stuffed really.

I can cope with most of the stops. In fact they are quite hilarious. I’m often stifling a snort which tends to get my gremlin even more grumpy. Some of her tantrums are over the most stupid things and this inspired me to write this post, The 8 most stupid strops:

  • “Mummy I can’t sleep.” This one is so stupid. My gremlin does wake in the night like any other normal toddler sometimes. So when we go into her bleary eyed, hoping to at least get a cuddle off her, unlike any other child I seem to know of, she has a meltdown. She slams her face into her pillow, won’t let us touch her and tantrums. Why? I reckon because she’s in a strop about waking up.
  • “Mummy I want my milk now!” My gremlin sometimes has some milk mid-afternoon. She knows what I have to do. She’s watched a million times. She even makes the “beep, beep” noise when the microwave finishes but does that mean she waits patiently for it? Does it heck. She has strop whilst it’s warming up!
  • “Mummy I can’t get my sock off!” This is one of those ones where I have to pretend not to see so I can have a laugh. She patiently starts to pull one off, it gets stuck and the yelling starts. Not just a little shout but a full on rage filled scream. Imagine you have just smashed your favourite glass filled with your last bit of wine. It’s in the same league. Is it wrong I don’t help immediately so I can laugh more?
  • “Mummy I want one of your hairs!” Weird, yet true, She can say the word hair and is quite fascinated when one of my gingers locks is between her fingers or she finds one in the bath. But if I take it off her? BOOM!
  • “Mummy I’ve crashed my buggy!” My gremlin hasn’t quite grasped the concept of steering yet and her buggy only goes in straight lines, My house is definitely not obstacle free. She manages four, five steps and CRASH! Result = full body slam on the floor, crying which lasts 10 seconds, The funny thing is this is repeated on loop 5 seconds later.
  • “Mummy the sun is in my eyes!” This is a new one. We will be happily driving along for me to almost crash the car due to a huge yell accompanied by leg kicking in the back. Has a spider dropped on her lap? Has she dropped her drink? No the sun is in her eyes. Yes…the sun is in her eyes. How DARE you shine sun!
  • “Mummy I want my raisins in a pot!” Again this is a new one. My gremlin loves raisins or “yeah yeahs” as she calls them. I have taken to putting them in a little tub for her now and then but she’s a fast learner. If I deign to put them directly on her table they get thrashed about onto the floor and she’s yelling for a pot. She can sing for her raisins in a pot is my next thought!
  • “Mummy stop singing!” I was quite put out here. There’s me happily singing to Radio 1 and I hear a grumpy monster shouting “no” quite crossly in the back and getting riled up. “Can’t Mummy sing??” I ask. “No,” is my response.
So there you have it! The daftest strops ever. Gave me a giggle writing this, Anybody got any other funny strops to share? Would love to hear!!