This week’s word really has to be reality. After 2 fab weeks off, a holiday to Rhodes (which I will blog about when hubby sorts the pics!!) and Brit Mums Live 16, I have to come down back to earth for a bit.

I have been thrown back into normality; work, one on one gremlin time (which is lovely really), normal diet and exercise regime and just a normal life.

This really isn’t that bad, as life is usually pretty good but it just really sucks coming back from holiday, especially one which is all inclusive and we had the parents on hand.


I’ll tell you:

  • I have to wash up and tidy the kitchen after my hubby cooks! Why oh why?? After 11 days of lovely hotel staff smiling and taking away my plates this one is a bugger.
  • The sun goes in. How dare there be clouds? How dare there be rain?
  • I have to wear proper clothes. I have to look smart for work. All I want to do is shove my bump and rest of my body into a bikini and cover up.
  • I have to set an alarm. We are actually waking before the gremlin at the moment – around 6.45am. A 6.05am alarm call is not acceptable.
  • I have to use my brain. No more mind numbing books and catching up on 3 weeks of Eastenders on my iPad. No kids disco, listening to Aqua and Europop. Nope, that brain has been cleaned with a feather duster and I need to use it again at work.
  • I have the gremlin back on my knee half way through a meal. I got quite used to Nanny being the mug and letting her do that!!
  • I have to drive my car. I usually feel like I have forgotten how on holiday. Bye bye walks and taxis, hello rush hour and stop-start driving with the Brum loons.

This is ranty but don’t you just wish hols just lasted that bit longer?

We wouldn’t want them forever, as they wouldn’t be special but sometimes I just want to be LAZY!

Don’t you?

The Reading Residence