Making Life Easier

Making Life Easier

I love to have free time. As a parent this is now usually from 7.30-8pm until I make myself go to bed. Trust me, I’ve seen those bloggers out there up until 12am, 2am; this is NOT me. I’m usually zonked by 10.30pm at the latest, so bottom line: time is precious.

To ensure I have this time, I need to make my life as flipping easy as possible. I need time to blog or scrapbook or catch up with emails. This doesn’t mean I am cutting corners (much) or being too lazy but I do need some tricks to save time and here they are:

  • I have a cleaner. Nuff said really. She comes every 2 weeks and does the bathrooms, kitchen and gives everywhere a good going over. Obviously this is money thing but I highly recommend it whether you work or are a SAHM/D.
  • I bath with the gremlin most nights. This means I don’t have to shower in the morning and it saves me a good 10 minutes. More sleep time or cup of tea chill time before work.
  • I have mastered 2 hairstyles as I rarely straighten my hair; the lovely Mum top knot and some clip up plait thing. Both acceptable but I really need to learn to plait! This saves an easy 30 minutes.
  • I make my lunch for my work whilst making my lunch the day before. So most Mondays I have a chicken salad with a tonne of extra bits like hummus and coleslaw etc. Whilst making it, I get out my lunch box and make Tuesdays. I hate having to make it in the evening so this saves a good 10 minutes of evening effort.
  • We started eating earlier. It was strange, when the gremlin first was first born we still wanted to eat alone for a while to savour that adult time. However, as soon as she became old enough to prat around at bedtime we realised tea would be easily after 8pm and this was too late! Now we all eat together and if she has been fed at nursery, hubby and I eat together when I come in from work or the gym, between 5.30-6.30pm.
  • I tidy up after tea immediately when I can (not being summoned to play with the gremlin). Hubby cooks so usually I wash and wipe up. Since moving, I’ve been determined to keep the lovely kitchen nice, so I clean up as soon as we have finished eating. Saves me coming down to a shit tip straight after bath time.
  • I gym really early where I can. I used to go for around 6.30am on days off work. Hubby works from home and doesn’t start until 8.30-9am. However, since being pregnant this has waned due to being so hungry. I do however hit it at 8am on a Saturday or Sunday. I’m home by 9am and raring to go for the weekend, with my exercise done! you
  • I leave for work early, so I’m usually parked up 20 minutes before having to walk in. This is mainly so I can park but it often gives me 20 mins blog reading if I fancy or chat time. Usually little things get done before the evening so more time.
  • I don’t iron anything apart from the gremlin’s clothes or mine that are desperate, like this denim shirt I own. It’s like a rag if I don’t! Hubby does a shirt when he needs to, as he works from home. I bet this saves a tonne of time!!

They are only small things but really help to free up my evening when time is like gold dust!!

Anything you do to save the minutes?