This week’s word is Moments and I feel this is “one of those” posts. You know, a little bit nause but please bear with me!

I think most people look back to the days before having children and think they used to have so much time. What were the days filled with? I’m guaranteeing one thing they didn’t do was appreciate that time and every little moment you had. I didn’t. I just took that time for granted and even though I tried, I wasn’t always in the moment.

Since my gremlin has been getting older she is starting to nosey at everything. She takes an interest in new things and generally questions a lot. I feel like my eyes and ears have been opened and I am getting the experience the world around me for a second time. This may sound a bit profound but is true.

Her innocence is just amazing to witness and her fascination with the smallest things mean I also have literally woken up and smelt the coffee. I notice things now that were probably faded into the background or just white noise to my experienced ears:

  • The birds. Do you actually hear the birds singing? My gremlin does and she stops to tell me and just listens for a minute. So do I.
  • Aeroplanes. See my previous post. If we hear or see one, we have to stop and watch it pass over and wow they are so fascinating really (geek).
  • Dandelion clocks. Something I used to love as a child, I have been reintroduced to and sitting and watching those seeds float on the wind is lovely. Watching her trying to blow them is pretty hilarious when her blowing = spitting on it!
  • Animals. My gremlin loves animals already. I did as a child but I think over time that love has dwindled. Having her spend a good 5 minutes stroking a cat means I get to as well and I’ve missed that.
  • The garden. It’s like a jungle to her. Ants, stones, blades of grass, water dripping from the outside tap. How long ago was it that you sat and watched an ant scuttle about on it’s daily grind? To her it’s amazing and that is ace.
  • Clouds. She loves to point them out and look at them. There is nothing more therapeutic than lying on your back and watching the clouds. Plus 5 minutes lying down is a bonus.
They are the simplest things but to my gremlin it like showing her one of the 7 Wonders of the World. They are her wonders. Life is that uncomplicated. What else is there to think about? It’s lovely and it is helping me relax, be mindful and go with the flow like she does. Who cares if she is dirty or wet in the garden? She’s washable and so am I.

There is nothing like a child to make you forget everything for a few minutes and just be in their shoes. This is what is needed in the crazy world of parenthood.

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