The Realities of Being a Working Mum

I won’t lie; being a working Mum is hard sometimes. I was always going back to work after my maternity leave. No questions. I trained hard to become a dietitian. I like my job and my colleagues. I would be doing 3 days. Perfect balance.

 In my rose-tinted glasses way, I assumed I wouldn’t change. Course not. I’m not going to be one of those soppy Mum’s who get upset at leaving their children (please let me go on before being offended!). How ridiculous. Children need independence. I need my freedom and a break, to be me and to bring in some money. I just don’t “do” relying fully on others financially and that includes my husband.

I have talked in a previous post how going back was harder than I ever anticipated but what I also wasn’t prepared for was my 180 on some of the things I had stipulated whilst being off and just some of things I didn’t expect:


1) I actually don’t feel like I need a “break” by going to work. So many people say work is a well needed break from their child and I have just never seen this. I really enjoy my time with my girlie. We usually have plans even if just the two of us and I just love it. I have however been told if I have another; this will swiftly change.


2) Trips abroad just don’t have the same pull. I’m very lucky in my job that trips abroad do occur and don’t get me wrong I always have a great time. However, there is that little niggle especially if it is more than 1 night. I miss my family and my bed. See I am soppy.


3) I don’t go down to UK conferences the night before anymore. Free wine, a meal and a hotel no thanks. I’d rather get up early on the morning and be at home the night before. See even more soppy!


4) You have to let go. Three days is 3 days. It’s not 5. I can’t do as much as I used to. I don’t always know as much about the people I look after and some jobs are just not mine anymore. This is fine and I’m getting used to it.


5) I don’t like taking work home. Fact. Evenings are bathtime with my girl and then gym, time with hubby and usually now blogging! In reality if I want to do a bit more extra work I am likely to have to bring this home. As stated above, time in the day just runs away.


6) The guilt when your child is sick. I either feel awful as she goes to nursery or hubby has her and I feel it should be me. Or I take the day and feel guilty on my team as I’m having a day off. No win situation really.


7) The tiredness. Wow! If my gremlin has been up in the night it is usually right before a work day. That alarm will still be going off at 6am and I will still have to do my day job, with matchsticks to hold my eyes open.


8) I was never a late worker but it is even more true now. I usually pick my gremlin up on a Friday so have to get out on time but the other days I just want to be back. She’s in the bath around 6.15pm so leaving later than 5pm means I don’t get a lot of time. Occasionally I will go to the gym after work and fitting this in around everything else is important so I leave on time.


9) When I worked full-time I would come home and jabber on about work for ages. You do. It’s your life; 5 days a week. Now I just don’t unless something really important has happened. I chat a bit with hubby in the car about my day on the way home and as soon I walk through the door I’m Mummy and the day is gone.


10) The rejection. It is noticeable on a Thursday and Friday my gremlin pushes me away, She wants to cuddle her Daddy and this can be heartbreaking, She’s 20 months and she’s fickle but it hurts. She is just going to to person who has spent more time with her on those 2 days and by Monday night I’m usually flavour of the month again.


Don’t let this be off putting. I love being back at work and having the variety. Having work and my girlie is amazing and I am so lucky but things are never quite what you expect. How about any other working Mums? Was going back what you anticipated?