When’s the right time to have another baby?

When is the right time to have another baby?
There is no definite answer. Well that was easy. Post over.
No jesting aside this is question that I think I talk about several times a week! I have never come up with the right answer, just something that is right for my hubby and I. Our gremlin has just hit 18 months. My work colleague winked at me and said she was already pregnant with her second at this time and one of my antenatal group is too, with others trying I’m sure.
 I can see why as well. The broodiness has started to sweep over me a little, like my little one tugging at my hair. There’s a little nag in the back of my mind. One of my other blogging friends Helen keeps posting amazing pics and bump updates and I’m a teeny bit jealous.Having little ones close in age would be nice for closeness in the future I can imagine.

There is another reason I am hearing lots and lots too, “we just want to get the hard bit over”. This one I’m not sure I agree with. It is flipping hard of course but I can’t say I want another quickly for that reason. And whenever you do it, it’s going to be hard!! I really admire mums who have two little ones in close age but I have to say it’s not for me.

 My little monster is at such a lovely age at the moment. She’s funny, naughty and her speaking is fantastic. I’m enjoying chatting to her, spending time with her…just her. Reading, jigsaws, drawing, soft play, hide and seek, you name it. I don’t want her to have to share me just yet. She’s starting to get a bit more independent; feeding herself and we are thinking of getting the potty down soon. I want that all done and dusted before baby no 2 appears. Having nappies x 2 or lots of accidents at the same time? I don’t think so. Someone said to me once it’s so much easier when they can climb out of the car by themselves too, whilst you are lifting in another. My gremlin is also in a bit of a funk with her sleeping at the moment too and throwing another into the mix now; I’d be a wreck!

I don’t think the worry of sibling rivalry is bothering me too much. You could have this with any age gap. I told my Dad quite clearly at 3 years old to send my poor brother back. Some good imagery there eh? I just know if I placed a baby sibling in front of my gremlin right now there would be some fun. She already starts to misbehave if I’m on the phone, yells if I’m cuddling her Daddy or another baby, so I think a little while longer may help. I’m hoping the older she is, the more involved she can be. She’s already my little helper when it comes to cleaning so I’ve got fingers crossed that bathing, changing and dressing a new baby she can help with. I think a lot of people tend to do what happened in their family. There’s 3 years between my brother and me and 4 years with hubby and his brother.

 Rather selfishly too I don’t want to put my body through that again just yet. Last time I was pregnant I had a knee injury and had resigned myself to the fact that I couldn’t do too much. Now I’m really back into my exercise and having to slow right down again would be really hard! I’m getting my fitness back and muscle strength in my leg and not ready to stop just yet.
So I’m going to wait a while longer and aim for a 3 year plus age gap. I’m enjoying life with the family at the moment. The routine, time we get with her and alone works for hubby and I. It took me a couple of months to settle down at work and I’m now really enjoying it! I need a bit more time to sink my teeth in before disappearing again. Plus I think my work colleague would lynch me if I announced my impending maternity leave right now.  🙂