The G Cap **REVIEW**

The G Cap **REVIEW**

I always love an innovative new product, especially if it makes my life easier. So when I was contacted to review the G Cap I was intrigued. Named after the designer Nadine’s son Giovanni, the G Cap is a stretchable, reusable bottle cap cover, that prevents spills. Genuis.



You basically cover the bottle in question with the cap, add a straw and you are away.


Best if all the cap is non-toxic and food safe and is free of BPA, PVC and Phthalates (basically the stuff you don’t want kids products to be made out of!)

You can also bung it in the dishwasher (has to be for a lazy bum like me) and it comes with a neat little travel case. In the US it retails for $6 so is a little bargain.

I’m not sure what your little ones are like but the gremlin is a nightmare at wanting anything that is mine! She could have her Vimto lovingly prepared in her cup but when she sees my bottle of water; of course she wants to drink that. A 2.5 year old and an open top bottle?! Recipe for a spill. She’s not a juice or fizzy drink girl thankfully but the cap could quite neatly fit over a small bottle of fresh juice if you were out and about, or in a cafe.

The gremlin didn’t try and pull the cap off or mess with it which was great.

You can see her below enjoying some of my water (she is a bit ill here, hence the tired look!)


I was really impressed with The G Cap.  I will be slipping it into my bag when we go out and about and if she fancies a bottle of water in the lounge, I don’t have to worry.

If you are a bit of a neat, anti-spill Mummy, this is the product for you!