10 things I’d Forgotten about a Newborn

Piglet, our little newborn, was born over a week ago now, which is crazy. We have been in a bit of a bubble but also after day 5 started to venture out a bit!

What has amazed me is everything you forget about newborns! The gremlin is a beasty 3 years old and her newborn days have passed in a blur. However with my little Piglet I have really tried to savour these days and have lots of cuddles. 

But you do just forget what newborns are like!!

See what I mean:

  • Their size. Piglet was a good 1.5lbs bigger than the Gremlin but yet she is so freakin tiny! I lifted the gremlin out of our bed into hers the other night and almost died!! How big is she in comparison??
  • Their noises. On the first night I thought Piglet was the perfect name for our newborn second girlie. She snorted and grunted for ages! Ear plugs did nothing!! Luckily this has settled!
  • Their random body movements. The arm and leg thrashes. Rooting mouths for food and general wiggling. It is lovely to watch and listen too.
  • That cry. So far Piglet only makes a few shouty noises when she is hungry and cries when she is cold after her bath. That cry is so hard not to be moved by, it is so distinctive, yet I have totally forgotten the gremlin’s.  
  • Their irregular breathing. One minute it is slow and steady, the next you think they have stopped and the next minute they sound like they are hyperventilating. I’m not as freaked out as I was by the gremlin but I do have to stop and listen.
  • They sleep all day and party all night. For the first few days it is feed, feed, feed all night long and sleep all day. Babies, you have it wrong!! Piglet is now a lot more alert in the day and is sleeping more at night which is great. See how long that lasts!!
  • Their smell. That new baby smell. It just never seems to go. I must admit we are very pro-baths. Piglet’s skin is fine and hubby likes to bath her, as feels is good for her routine and distinguishing night and day. I do just love that clean baby smell.


  • Their milk guzzling and subsequent choking. As soon as I heard Piglet choking on my milk as it had come in, those memories of the gremlin came back. My heart used to stop as she choked on some milk, coughed and I waited for her to take a breath. They are just so greedy!
  • Those poos. Hubby had his first poonami this week. Nappy off and poop fired across the mat onto him and the carpet. Never underestimate the power of a newborn poop!!
  • How utterly dependent they are on you. Food, changing, washing, cuddles and moving about. You have created this little life and they need you so so much.

You may have guessed that we are so far loving the newborn days. Piglet is a very happy little thing and we are making the most of this before the lovely wonder weeks or sleep regressions!

Can you think of anything else I have forgotten?