2 Weeks with a Newborn

So newborn Piglet came on the scene two weeks tomorrow. Everyone always says it seems like they have always been here and it’s so true. She has just become part of the family and really adored and loved by all.

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So how has she been and how have we been?

Piglet and Feeding

She is a little pig and like most newborn babes, she has no routine or structure to when she wants to eat. She has taken up breastfeeding like she was born to do it. Latching fine and we are hoping to trial a bottle and express soon. We have noticed the cluster feeding starting a bit mid pm and the evenings but not everyday. I’ve fed in public and all been fine. It all comes back to you second time around and far less worries or needing to take a boob curtain.


The first few days we had the constant night feeding as expected. Knackering but easier to cope with second time around. This has improved as my milk came in and unbelievably we have had some 3-6 hour night sleep stretches. I think this often depends on day naps. If Piglet crashes for the whole pm, more feeds at night. If she cluster feeds and cat naps we get better night sleep. Variable and no pattern yet but hey sleep is sleep and I’ll take some randomness. She is much more alert in the day now, than the first week and alert cuddles are so lovely.



Piglet is very chilled. I’m wondering if it is because we leave her alone in the bouncer when she’s quiet or it’s just her. She does get a bit fed up after a little while and wants some cuddles. The gremlin is very hands on and her sister just takes it!! Crying comes when cold after baths and she kind of yells if hungry and being ignored. I’m sure the gremlin was similar but definitely found her voice later on! 


How am I?

Pretty good to be honest. Physically the hardest part was coping with being engorged as my milk came in and this lasted a good 4 days. The gremlin and I were both in tears after she whacked me in the boobs. My tummy is slowly going down and I am getting out for a walk each day. I’m hoping to get back to the gym for light cardio after 4 weeks. I have had a little pelvic discomfort which I had when pregnant towards the end so will see how that goes. I didn’t seem to have the “crying day” but have had a few tearful moments. Mainly surrounding me not being pregnant anymore (!), sore boobs and being upset if the gremlin looked upset or rejected me a bit. We will get there I’m sure. In terms of coping with 2, the gremlin’s roughness with Piglet and her giddiness seem to be the biggest things that stress me out!!

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How is Hubby?

I think hubster was pretty stressed and anxious about me going into labour as he has felt since the birth more wound up and preferring to be in his comfort zones more. He has done a bit more with the gremlin, like baths and got up with her when tired which has been great. He also feels a deep bond with little Piglet and we enjoy some cuddles with her when the gremlin is in bed. Think he is ready to go back to work, as will take some time off with us next month.


How is the Gremlin?

She has been extremely accepting of Piglet and completely smothers her with affection(!) Yes she is a tad rough and we hate nagging her. In terms of behaviour, her usual giddiness has been present and we have had some issues with not listening. We have noticed that one on one she is golden but the craziness happens if Piglet wakes and takes our attention! I have found it hard when she has rejected me in favour of hubby or I have had the odd “I don’t like Mummy” but not too much. She has been upset on numerous occasions if we have shouted at her and we are aware she is a bit more sensitive. I think the real test will be next week when Daddy is back to work and I will have 2-3 days with her alone, depending on if my Mum comes around!


What have we been up to?

Hubby’s paternity leave has completely flown by but we haven’t really done that much it seems! Visitors have not been huge – mainly family and close friends. We have gone to soft play and out for lunch, for walks, into town and had people over. On the gremlin’s nursery days the first week, we rested and tried to sleep. The second week, we were less tired and went into Solihull, registered Piglet and ate out. I do feel like we have been in a bubble and reality will kick in next week when I solo parent 2 little munchkins.


I can’t actually believe I have 2 children now. A newborn! The pregnancy did feel long this time around and crazily after all the discomfort in the last 3 weeks, I am really missing it! Typical. I was exactly the same with the gremlin!

I’ll be back with a little update for Piglet when she hits 4 weeks old.