Happy 1st Birthday My Beautiful Baby Girl

My baby girl, my little Piglet is going to be 1 year old tomorrow. Her birthday is here! It’s amazing and pretty hard to comprehend. After a pretty straight forward birth, the little bean has just slotted in.

I have already recently written a post for her, after she started nursery, so I didn’t want to repeat the mush. Instead I thought I would show case her little life in pictures.

In terms of how she is getting on, here it is in a nutshell –

  • Not walking yet or standing alone.
  • Can say Mama, Dadda, hiya and we think tries to say her sister’s name.
  • Eating normal foods and weaned off breastfeeding.
  • A bit of a Mummy’s girl but still adores her Daddy and sister.
  • Loves books, bathtime, her babies, cuddles and food!
  • Hates it when I leave the room (!) and when her sister winds her up.

Happy birthday my gorgeous girl. We all love you so much! xxx