5 Things I Had Forgotten After Stopping Breastfeeding

I stopped breastfeeding little Piglet about 2 weeks ago. It was quite easy really and I think we were both ready for it. There wasn’t really much crying or fuss and she tends to just have a cup of formula or cow’s milk before bed.

baby breastfeeding

Piglet doesn’t seem to have had many issues but I REALLY have this time around and I just simply don’t remember it with the gremlin. I stopped with her and that seemed to be it! No niggles; just very small boobs!! That part is still the same but that’s about it.

With Piglet is seems to be different and this is what I mean.

  1. The leaking. Even though I was only really feeding Piglet at night, so I reckoned my body wouldn’t notice the stop. Oh it definitely has and a couple of times I’ve felt the left one dribbling and a lovely patch on my top. Thought this only happened in the early newborn days!
  2. Piglet still having a good rummage around for my nipple. Even though she wasn’t too fussed about stopping she does still like to yank my PJ top down and try and find them. Usually this signals to me it’s breakfast time. I don’t have any memory of her sister doing this at all.
  3. The pain, lumps and bumps. I have had so much more pain this time around stopping. It’s got to the point where I had to call the GP to check for mastitis. He didn’t seem to think it was and just to give it time but I have been in so much discomfort.
  4. I do miss it a little. When little Piglet is yanking my top and trying to put my nipple in her mouth, sometimes I think, ah why not? It’s hard not to give in and let them have a little bit but we have stopped and it won’t do anything for my confused, leaky boobs.
  5. How fast your boobs do shrink and it’s time to get out the old bras. I remember when I stopped last time I was on holidays, so all my bikinis didn’t fit for the rest of the trip!!

I always find it amazing what you do forget and I do think your body is very clever at tricking you and making sure you only remember the nice bits!

I wrote this post a few days ago and the pain and lumps are starting to settle down as I start to dry up a little. It’s weird and a little sad knowing this may be my last time ever breastfeeding but I’m proud to have almost hit a year and that I had that time with my girl.