My Happy Week #34

My Happy Week #34

I can see this maternity leave completely flying by already! Piglet hit 3 weeks old this week. How have we been a family of 4 for that long already? It is different and life is different but we have the same routine under it all and Piglet has just slotted in.

So what has made us happy this week?

  • Piglet has really found her voice and has started yelling to be picked up. I’m finding this pretty funny; she certainly knows what she wants.
  • Shopping – I am having to almost lock my purse up as keep seeing clothes I want! Help me.
  • I am enjoying taking Piglet for some power walks when I get chance; either on my days without the gremlin or at the weekend. I’m planning the gym from next week so walking is keeping me sane at the moment.
  • Doing some painting and generally having some time with the gremlin on Monday. If Piglet is asleep or quiet this is really lovely.
  • Catching up with friends and their little ones!
  • My Mum came to stay and the help with both Piglet and the gremlin was fab. We went to a Pumpkin farm and then had some time with just Piglet when the gremlin was at nursery. More shopping and eating out!
  • Managing to get the house tidy when the gremlin was at nursery. It has been a bit chaotic with guests and just having a baby and a toddler.
  • Hubby and I had a day together on Friday and went to Brum for a restaurant review. The food was fab and we managed a bit of chatting with some Piglet interruptions!

We have a busy weekend with more visitors. My bro and Nan are popping over. Busy busy!

See you next week lovelies!

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