So last Thursday was my 20 week scan. I can’t get over how fast the time has gone since the 12 week one. You can read my 20 week update here. So much has happened since the 12 week; we have moved house, I quit my Monday job. It has been all go.

I’m feeling pretty good at the moment and really enjoying pregnancy so was quite excited for the scan.

We do know the gender already (!) as we went for a private scan when I was just over 16 weeks. However, I was waiting for the 20 week one for confirmation. I believe the results of the gender scan; I’d done a bit off googling before and I knew what I was looking for with the potty shot! However despite this, I have bought nothing for little piglet. My Mum and Nan have (!) and we haven’t started decorating our spare room, even though we had three other rooms painted and could have slotted it in. I just need to double check!!

So Thursday morning, we trundled along to the scan.

First attempt; the baby was upside down, head down and the sonographer could not see anything properly. We were sent out, I had to have a wee and we would be called in again.

Second go; the baby was now upright, sitting up with it’s flipping legs crossed. The sonographer could take some measurements, look at the brain and heart and all was ok. However, anything waist down was a no no. I was sent out again and decided to have a little walk and move around.

Third attempt. Same again! Baby had not moved and there was no way the scan could be finished. So we have to come back another day. We couldn’t confirm gender, check lower spine, legs or feet.


On the plus side I get another scan but the little awkward thing!!

IMG_5318 (1)

On the other plus side hubby and I went for my fave for lunch after – pizza!

My Kid Doesnt Poop Rainbows