Eating for Two

Eating for Two

Everyone know the “eating for 2” in pregnancy is utter bull. It is widely recommended you don’t need to eat anymore than normal until the last trimester when you need an extra 200 calories a day. Yep, I have preached this many times.

So why the hell have I probably been eating for 3 (and no, there isn’t twins in there!) for the last 3 months?! Hannah at Budding Smiles made me smile (hehe) with her eating post and I’m glad it is not just me!

The first trimester of this pregnancy I have been the hungriest I can ever remember in my entire life. I was the same with the gremlin but it feels worse this time. Initially, eating helped with the nausea but as this has passed a bit, the raging hunger has taken over.

I find I cannot concentrate. Food is the only thing on my mind for the majority of the morning. This has been really hard when working. I have a good breakfast; boiled egg, 2 slices of toast and a small pile of almonds and raisins. If I wake feeling particularly pukey or heady I’ll have an apple as well. This is around 6.30-7am.

By 9am in the office I am twitchy. If I’m off work and going to the gym or something, I have to nibble again before going. Tuesday, I had eaten my almonds, apple, a couple of crackers and a Dairylea Dunker before 12pm. Granted, these are not worst, most unhealthy foods but spending my whole morning staring like some crazed loon at the clock, waiting for my lunch is getting quite trying!

I remember learning at one of my metabolic conferences that your insulin (which acts as the key to the lock on your body’s cells and allows glucose (sugar) update for energy) is very sensitive. You are anabolic when pregnant (building new life) and your body needs to respond to this and the food you give it. I was surprised to learn when my blood sugar was tested, 1.5 hours after lunch it was 3.7. This was under the bottom end figure of 3.8, My insulin must be working like crazy, hence the drop in blood sugars and insatiable hunger. Well this is my theory! One of my consultants who I work with informed me progesterone also has a bit part to play in this.

I will eat anything at the moment:

Spicy soup and salads:

IMG_4094 (1)

Curry on a plastic plate from the canteen at work:


Thai salmon curry:


Indian Take-aways:


Pizza Hut heaven!!


I’ve loved fresh fruit and hubby was making me popcorn at night to try and stave off the nausea:


IMG_4120 (1)

I didn’t gain any weight in the first trimester but now at over 14 weeks it is starting to come on finally.

The body is a very clever thing and I do trust my internal hunger and need to eat. If I didn’t the nausea and generally feeling would just be overwhelming. It is tricky to stick to healthier options and I have found I have craved more salty foods like cracker, salt and vinegar peanuts, olives and jalapenos. One of my favourite snacks in the first few weeks was Ryvita, chive Philadelphia and jalapenos on top!

I’m wondering if the hunger will pass. I’m hoping so as much as I love my food, packing for work has been a bit of a mission!

What about you? Did you eat like a horse during your pregnancy?