An Easy Easter Bonnet

An Easy Easter Bonnet

I knew it would finally happen. No my gremlin hasn’t got a boyfriend yet. Worse. I had to make an Easter Bonnet. Now I know from this blog you can see I am quite crafty (in the glue and scissors sense, not like a fox). However, scrapbooking I am comfortable. I know what I am doing. I have a pattern. Making an Easter Bonnet is something new.

Worse still. It’s a competition. I can’t send my gremlin into nursery just wearing her bunny ears from last year. I have to make an effort. I knew I had a good few supplies at home but I nipped to The Works to get a few bits too. I had a quick look on Pinterest and quickly stopped when I saw some masterpieces on there. Enough to make you bury your glue!

The hardest bit was actually measuring my gremlin’s head to make the hat and unfortunately I did overestimate!! I decided I would make a tall hat with card, with a rim and decorate it. So arranging my crafting carnage I set out. I have some good equipment from my scrapping to cut circles but even doing that was a bit tricky.


I then had this great idea of gluing tissue paper balls, in different colours all around the rim. This idea was awesome for about 5 minutes and I realised how long it was going to take. I roped the hubby in to screwing up lots of balls for me!


I luckily had some Easter paper from my scraps stash to put around the hat and some ribbon for the bottom. I stuck Happy Easter on using some letters. My husband was left to rather naffly (sorry babe) stick some tissue paper around the top to hide out crap accurate circle for the top of the hat. It was finished off with some chicks and more ribbon!


I’m actually quite pleased with the end result and lets see how she got on in the competition!!!