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When I was younger school holidays were always pretty cool. I never went abroad until I was 16, when we headed out to Greece, so all my younger years were spent in the UK. I didn’t mind that. I guess I didn’t really know any different.

I have some brilliant memories of visiting places throughout the country. I would stay with my Grandma and Grandad and Nanna, who both lived in Yorkshire. This would mean visits Scarborough meaning the beach, slot machines and fish and chips.

I also used to head up to the Yorkshire Dales with my Dad and explore. It’s a beautiful area and I do have lots of fun and happy memories from those times. I spent a lot of time with my brother, making up games and just having a good time.

I do think when the weather is not too bad in the UK, there are some really beautiful and fun places to visit. It doesn’t have to be beaches or mountains!

Why Not Visit Some Other UK Cities with Virgin Trains?

Why not start making plans now to visit some of the fab places across the UK using Virgin trains?

My fondest memories as a kid was my Mum taking us to different place during the holidays on the train. It was so exciting as we barely used the train on a day to day basis, so it was unique and an adventure. Packing our backpacks with things to do and snacks, always plenty of snacks (!) was the highlight of the trip. I also loved tracking the time and checking what train was coming and when. I think I must have been a budding trainspotter as a child.

Some of my favourite places to go were:


Busy and bustling and touristy. We went to London and saw all the sights, fed the pigeons in Trafalgar Square and I saw a few shows in the West End. As a kid my experiences of using the tube were brilliant! I used to love navigating and found the whole concept so fascinating. Although, I would never live in London now, there is a buzz that you get no where else in the UK.


Who doesn’t love a seaside town as a kid? Rides, the Illuminations, the beach and fish and chips. I had some fun up in Blackpool as a child. Wrap up warm though, especially if we have a cold October.

And more recently, as an adult:


I have been to Liverpool with work and love the vibrancy of the city. It is fabulous for shopping and exploring. I quite like the Scouse accent too. Very friendly!

Have a fabulous trip and I hope you manage to get some UK travelling booked in this year.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post with Virgin Trains.