How Can You Pick a Winner for Your Online Giveaway Contest

If you are planning or managing a social media contest and you need a tool to choose winners randomly you have reached the perfect post.

Through this short article, I will share all the tools you can use to randomly and fairly select winners of sweepstakes and contests in social networks or blogs that you are managing.


In this article you will learn to:

  • How to choose a winner in a lottery/contest on Instagram
  • How to choose a winner in raffle/contest on Facebook
  • How to choose a winner in draw/contest on YouTube
  • Choose the random winner of text or number
  • Tips for selecting winners
  • How to choose a winner in a lottery/contest on Instagram

To randomly select a winner among several Instagram users who have participated in a competition, you can use the following tools:

CommentPicker | You log in with your Instagram account, and you can randomly choose a user among all those who have commented on a post. It can be your choice too, if a comment stands out and appeals to you more than the others, you can most definitely choose that user as the winner.

How to choose a winner in raffle/contest on Facebook

CommentPicker | You log in with Facebook to see how many comments your post has and then you have the option to choose a comment randomly.

FanpageKarma | With this free tool, you can choose winners according to different criteria. It is, without a doubt, the most powerful tool. Below I share everything you can do once you paste the link of the publication of your contest.

You can choose the winners for different actions:

1.A random comment

2.The first comment

3.The one that has the highest number of likes

4.The one that appeals to you

5.A user who commented and liked the post

6.A winner according to interaction. Example: a winner who has marked “amazed” as a reaction

You can drag the winner of your contest and make a certificate to make it more “official.”

How to choose a winner in a draw/contest on YouTube

CommentPicker | You paste the link of your video, and you can calculate the unique comments and then randomly select one of the comments.

Choose the random winner of text or number

If you do not want to login with your social networks and you want to simplify your life, you can always use a random number or text winner. The tools that I recommend are:




With many of these tools, you can paste the text or number of participants to choose one of them randomly. Yes, if all your participants (names, comments, etc.) are in an excel, then the process will be a lot more easier for you.

Tips for choosing winners:

Make a video of your computer screen so that you can then show that the winner’s choice was fair.You can use the Instagram stories for these videos. That way everyone who has participated in the contest will have no doubt that the competition was fair and this is how SurveyHdo.

Make an image with the name of the winner.

Advertise the winners in official sources or publications of your brand so that it is always visible. This can work wonders for your brand as well.

Explain the next steps for winners. Example: contact us by private message or check your email, etc.I hope these tools save you time and help you efficiently manage a contest on social networks.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.


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  1. May 30, 2019 / 7:47 pm

    This is so interesting to read. I enter competitions but I never thought about how a winner is picked.
    I know when I’ve ran giveaways on my blog in the past and I have recorded choosing a rafflecopter winner just in case someone questioned how I chose the winner.