My Happy Week #133

My Happy Week #133

Another week has passed and has been so busy. I ended up off sick on Tuesday with a cold and basically feeling so tired. Definitely needing to reign it in a bit and relax when I can.

Despite that, we have had some happy moments and here they are:

– I took the gremlin to meet a blogger friend on Saturday morning and she had fun in soft play and we got chance to chat and have some lunch! My parents had the youngest and we popped over after. Lucky hubby had the day to himself.

– I did a Body Combat class on Sunday morning which was fun and different to do but probably contributed to me being so tired!!

– I went cleaned out the toys and the gremlin’s bedroom on Sunday and she was really good and helpful. We gave some bits to the charity shop and for the loft. We chucked a lot as well!

– We had an impromptu fireworks party at Lucy’s from Real Mum Review. We were supposed to go to an organised event but it turned out to be a dodged bullet as so many complaints about it and lots of people were turned away!! We had a lovely couple of hours and the girls had fun.

– I’ve had some nice blog bits come through this week and some extra stuff for the Christmas gift guides I’m doing. So all good.

– It was my birthday at the end of the week and hubby and I had a lovely day together. Coffee out and an Indian. We also did some cheeky Christmas shopping for the gremlin, which was good.

– Finding out my foot which I thought was broken was just a bruise!! Blog post to come but this was such a relief!!!

We have a family weekend planned so I’m pretty excited!

Have a good one lovelies!!