Little Sport Star – Sport is for Everyone!

Little Sport Star – Sport is for Everyone!

AD – One of my biggest memories as a child was my Mum watching sport. Pretty much all sport. We are in the midst of Wimbledon as this post is going live. When I was a child (even a three year old) when Wimbledon was on I was sent outside to play and my Mum was glued. I definitely learnt how to play independently during that time no matter how much I nagged my Mum to come and play! She wouldn’t budge. I’m currently getting my little man to do the same, as I tune in with his gym and tennis racket from Little Sport Star.

little sport star

It wasn’t just tennis my Mum would watch either; athletics, gymnastics, The Grand Prix and don’t get me started on the Olympics! We all watched that together and I definitely think it inspired me to get sporty as a child.

I was lucky I was a bit of an all-rounder and liked most sports and wasn’t too bad at them either. I tried so many different ones at school: netball, hockey, rounders, athletics, swimming, badminton, tennis, dancing and cross country.

I do feel having so much sport on the television influenced me to want to get involved and I wanted to be one of the ‘sporty” ones and I have always had an interest in fitness.

Now as an adult, I do find it more difficult to fit sport in but I am mad on fitness and try and get to the gym, do home workouts or walk a few times a week. I want to be a good influence on my children. I want them to be interested in keeping fit and sport and to chose whatever they want to do. Currently my eldest is doing swimming and gym each week and her younger sister loves to copy, so I’m sure will start something when she can. I don’t want them to feel gender affects their choices either. If the girls want to play football or rugby fantastic! If my little man wants to dance, so be it!

I just hope they keep active and healthy.

Starting Early with Little Sport Star

I’m starting the little guy early and he is already enjoying the basics with football on his Baby Football Activity Gym and Play Mat and tennis with his Baby tennis racket from Little Sport Star.

Little Sport Star is a brilliant way to get your teeny babies into sport from the moment they are born and can lie on a mat! The baby gym is award winning and is based on a football stadium. It’s currently retailing at £54.99 and was very easy to assemble. My hubby thought it was brilliant.

My little man loves it!! The black and white balls cheers when it is hit and of course babies love staring at black and white. There are two dangly football players; one squeaks and one rattles. My little man loves to try and grab these and I like to make them noisy! The mirror at the top is huge and my Mum noticed this and commented how big it was and how he loved to look at himself. Out of all my babies he tends to lie the longest on his gym mat, which I reckon is because it is so eye-catching and interesting for him. I love the little spectators all around the edge of the gym and it can used as a playmate when he is bigger.

My little man also enjoys chewing on his baby tennis racket so he can join in with me when I am watching the Wimbledon. This cute little toy retails at £14.99 and is so brightly coloured but with the eye-catching black and white. The strings are crinkly and it can clip on to a buggy. I quite like trying to bat the attached ball with it! I’m sure my little dude will do too one day but for now, it catches his eye and he eats it!

baby tennis racket little sport star

I am definitely a believer in starting kids young and getting my little man into sport from now gets a thumbs up from me.

He adores gym and tennis racket from Little Sport Star! I do too. He gets to practice his kicking and I can get a cup of tea and watch the Wimbledon in peace!

Would You Like to Win a Baby Tennis Racket from Little Sports Star?

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