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Playmobil Wiltopia Range – Boat Trip to the Manatees REVIEW | AD

Playmobil Wiltopia Boat Trip to the Manatees

My kids are big fans of Playmobil and we have review the Playmobil City Life Recycling Truck and the Playmobil Family Fun Zoo Range. I think they love building the product and all the small details’ so perfect for their make believe games.
We were excited to be reviewing some items from the Playmobil Wiltopia range. What is great about this is range is it is made from an average of over 80% sustainable material. Discarded plastic waste is used as material for this extraordinary play world. This conserves resources and, above all, the environment. Of course, all Wiltopia products meet the usual high safety standards and the proven Playmobil quality and durability.

What is also cool about the range is there is a Wiltopia web app, which offers additional audio and video content and takes children right into the animals’ habitat. Simply scan the QR code on the animal knowledge card and the detailed animal and plant world comes to your home. Use the cool AR feature to take a selfie with the manatee. Discover entertaining knowledge transfer with fun and learning effect.

Wiltopia – Boat Trip to the Manatees

We were kindly sent the Playmobil Wiltopia Boat Trip to the Manatees set and this retails at £44.99.

As taken from the Playmobil website – these are the details about the set:

The set features the Palmers, who travel the Amazon by boat to discover the animal world and nature and to be able to take photos underwater with their waterproof camera. They also check the water quality from the boat. During their research trips, they discover a manatee mother that has twins which is very rare for manatees. However, the manatee mother has an injured fin. They take it onto the transport outrigger of the boat to the animal care station, where Dr. Da Silva and Jamie treat the manatee and then release it back into the Amazon in good health. The boat has an outboard motor and a pavilion roof and is floatable. In addition to a box with plenty of veterinary accessories, a sticker sheet with bandage labels for doctoring the animals is also included. The new manatee figures are floatable and have a movable tail fin.

Playmobil wiltopia

Playmobil Wiltopia Accessories

We were also kindly sent The Wiltopia Polar Bear, which retails at £9.99, the Wiltopia Young Seal, for £3.99 and the Wiltopia Moose, which retails at £9.99.

Each animal comes with a Knowledge card which you can use with the Wiltopia App, to find out more about the animals.

Wiltopia Animal Range

Building the Wiltopia Boat Trip to the Manatees

My 9 year old took on the building of the Boat Trip to the Manatees set. My 6 year old helped a little but she did find it a little tricky.

As with all Playmobil, the set comes in little bags. I often find it is best to empty them, so you can find all the parts to follow the instructions.

The Wiltopia range did not feel any different and still looked the same good quality.

The instructions with Playmobil are usually pretty comprehensive and easy to follow but I do always feel I have some pieces at the end I am never sure what to do with! This kit did have some bits that needed stickers and this can be followed from the instructions.

Wiltopia Boat Trip to the Manatees

Wiltopia Boat Trip to the Manatees kit on floor

The animals from the kit are so well made and detailed. My little ones loved looking at them whilst waiting for my eldest to build the set.


Wiltopia animal range

The set came together pretty easily and my little ones were all ready to play. They brought down some of their other Playmobil kits too, which was great.

Building the Playmobil Wiltopia Boat Trip to the Manatees Playmobil Wiltopia Boat Trip to the Manatees set

Overall Thoughts

The kids and I were pretty impressed with the Playmobil Wiltopia range. I think more and more now people are concerned about the environment, sustainability and wanting to move away from buying plastic toys. This range allows little ones to enjoy the Playmobil range but feel they are doing more for the environment.

The range is lovely and the quality is certainly not compromised. It is a perfect set for children who love animals and enjoy learning, especially with the associated Wiltopia app.

It does take a little bit of putting together but this is similar to most Playmobil sets. Younger children will need some help and some patience. My two have zero! They were dying to get playing. You need to be able to follow the instructions well.

I love all the little details with Playmobil. There is a lovely kit included to look after the Manatees and little touches have been thought of.

Price-wise at an RRP of £44.99, it is not the cheapest kit but there are many benefits, including the educational and environmental aspects.

Overall, a lovely set for animal-loving Playmobil fans.

Disclosure – we were provided with this kit in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.



  1. R
    November 8, 2022 / 7:39 am

    Personally I found this set to be a complete let down. Yes it’s beautiful and the plastic quality is great, but the parts don’t seem to fit together as well. The manatee net and buoys in particular just pop off the boat every time my child plays with it.
    It’s particularly bad in the bath, the net just floats away.
    I don’t want to rain on your lovely review but I wish I’d known it was such a frustrating toy before I spent £45 on it.

    • RunJumpScrap
      November 27, 2022 / 3:02 pm

      ah sorry to hear that! I must say we haven’t tried it in the bath before so couldn’t comment there. We were ok with fitting it together though. My kids tend to mix and match their Playmobil toys so didn’t keep it as one set.