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TEKFUN Doodle Board – Dinosaur and Unicorn – REVIEW | AD

TEKFUN Doodle Board – Dinosaur and Unicorn – REVIEW | AD

I have two young children who love to play with each other, until they are fighting or begging to go on a screen. Sometimes I need something a little mess free, something for each of them and something that enhances their creativity. The Tekfun Doodle Board did all three of these things and they were both thrilled to be presented with one to do some drawing.

More About the Tekfun Doodle Board

We were kindly sent two Tekfun Doodle Boards – Dinosaur Pattern. and Unicorn. These retails at $18.99.  These cool little boards allow kids to doodle anywhere, mess free! You can clip them onto bags, so perfect for travel and going out and about. It has an 8.5 inch LCD screen.

pink and green dinosaur doodle board

This product is also suitable for toddlers and children of all ages.

You can doodle with the attached stylus or even use your fingernail. They are perfect for being creative, writing, learning to form letters and you can clear the screen with a push of a button. It’s really easy. You can see below the button is the yellow eye!

pink dinosaur tekfun doodle board

The product comes with a little booklet to help with designs, drawing and writing.

writing and drawing copybook

You also get a lifetime warranty for any quality issues , which I think is excellent. This could be a replacement of the battery or stylus.

Using The Tekfun Doodle Board

Using the product was really easy. You simply take out of the box and unlock it with a flick of a button on the top. You can then press the erase button which to clear any marks on the screen. You can re-lock this to stop erasing the screen.

Then you are ready to doodle away! As mentioned, it is very easy to clear the screen with a press of a button.

The kids adored these. We had one pink and green one. They sat entranced together for ages just drawing away. I knew they loved them, as everything went really quiet.

Tekfun doodle board

smiling girl playing with the TEKFUN Doodle board

Overall Thoughts

I was really impressed with the TEKFUN Doodle Board. We have had a similar product in the past but the quality was just not that good. This product was better. I loved how robust it was and easy it was to use. It really impressed me the colours when you drew and how easy it was to clear the screen and just start again!

I felt the warranty was excellent and reassuring, as children do lose things and break things and gave me that confidence we could replace the stylus or battery.

Price-wise I felt it was reasonable for what it was offered for the children and I love the way the Doodle Board can be used for travel and taken around easily. I also feel it is a way to lure children from screens and allow them to be creative or practice their writing.

My little ones were enraptured and I know will come back to using the Doodle Board again and again! They will definitely be packed on our next trip away too.

Disclosure – we were provided with this product and compensated for our time. All thoughts and opinions are our own.