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Look After Your Health During Lockdown

Look After Your Health During Lockdown

My world really feels like it has turned upside down in the last week. It has for us all. We are in unchartered territory; something none of us have experienced in our lifetimes. The Covid-19 pandemic has taken all the things we take for granted away from us; being able to see family and friends, shop, go out to eat, our kids can’t go to school, basically our freedom has gone. I worry of course about the virus and the awful effect it’s going to have on our NHS and population but I also worry for our health during lockdown or social isolation.

I’ve lost the plot this week. Absolutely lost it. Anyone who follows me on Instagram and watched my stories, will know I’ve gone from an exercising, healthy dietitian to someone stocking up the fridge with wine and chocolate. My anxiety has been awful. I’m in the grips of horrible nausea most days, which comes and goes. I’ve had to force food down; healthy food that I usually love and I’ve not done any exercise in a week. Even the wine, I have bought, I cannot drink, as just feel too ill. I’m getting there day by day and improving as we get more clarity and my mind can see what we are up against but it’s been hard. I’ve been in a dark place, crying and shaking but have had to push through this for my health and for the kids.

I don’t want this post to be miserable. I know right now we need to do ANYTHING we can to get through these dark days but at the same time, I’m telling myself in 6 months time I don’t want to have let my health go. I want to look after myself and not have a knock on effect of Covid-19, being lost health and fitness!!

I think once things settle a little more and we know what we are up against, the focus and clarity will come and during this time I really think it is important to look after your health during lockdown or social isolation.

Your Health During Lockdown

For me, once I calm a little more and the anxiety and nausea settles, this is what I will be trying to do each day, even if we are locked down for a while. Your health during lockdown can be managed.

I hope some of these tips help a little:

Eat well. It goes without saying. I’m not talking healthy eating to boost my immune system but just to live and be able to look after my kids. I will be trying to eat 3 healthy meals a day, basing each on protein and plenty of vegetables. I will be aiming to snack on fruit, nuts, toast, plain scones. Of course I’m not saying I won’t be having chocolate or treats but I won’t be having anymore than normal. If like me you are struggling to eat anything, this doesn’t matter as much. Getting some calories in is very important but try to get back to healthy eating when you can.

Take a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. I know that I’m not eating as well as I could be right now. Even though I will be trying to eat well, my anxiety and worry is stopping that a little. In the meantime I will take a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement to boost my nutrient intake. You may also look to more natural remedies for pain or stress.

Aim to do some exercise at home. There are so many things you can do at home and not in the gym. We have just bought a trampoline for the garden, so if your children have one, get on for a bit too. Fabulous for your legs and cardiovascular fitness.  YouTube is packed full of workouts you can do. I like Pop Sugar and Body By Simone. We can still order equipment online for home; I bought a couple of dumbbells to use. Yoga and pilates can be found online and you can even stand up and walk or jog on the spot, whilst watching some TV. If you have a fitness tracker, it maybe a good idea to get it working and keep an eye on how you are doing at home, pottering around. I know we will do less but any movement helps.

– Preserving Your Vision in Lockdown

As we continue to navigate the challenges of lockdown life, it’s crucial not to overlook the well-being of our eyes. The increased screen time from remote work, online classes, and virtual socializing can strain your eyes. Consider investing in quality eyeglasses to help protect your vision during these times. Debby Burk Optical offers a fantastic range of stylish and protective eyeglasses tailored to various needs. Their eyewear is designed to reduce digital eye strain and block harmful blue light, making them an ideal choice for the lockdown era. With Debby Burk Optical, you can ensure that your eyesight remains sharp and comfortable while adapting to the new normal. Check out their collection at Debby Burk Optical and give your eyes the care they deserve.

– Not Drink too much Alcohol. I’ve joked myself that I need wine but I’ve actually not been able to drink anything, as felt so anxious! Of course we may need a drink to relax and calm down in these scary times. That’s fine!! But I’m going to try and keep my drinking habits the same as usual, which is normally at the weekend. I find it very easy to want a glass of wine most days and this is a habit that is very hard to break. I want to enjoy a drink without going mad and wishing when this was all over, I’d not drank as much!!

Look after your mental health. I am bad for sitting on my phone, watching the news and constantly reading. I said to my husband, this was stopping. I’m going to leave my phone upstairs on charge when I come to chill out in the evenings;  either watch television or blog. I’m going to try and leave it upstairs for part of the day when I am with the kids too, or I won’t be able to focus. I’m also going to try and read more, do mindfulness or meditation if it all becomes too much!! It is so important right now to look after our mental state, as everything is so uncertain.

– Have Time Alone. I’ve needed a lot of alone time when this has been going on. To watch something on my phone, chat to friends, read or try and blog. You may want a bath alone, a cuppa alone or just to lie on the bed and chill. Take that time out for you. Very important if you can.

– Sleep well. My sleep has been shocking this week, due to anxiety but over the last couple of days it has improved. Try not to look at the news or social media before bed, as this can really stop you sleeping. Even though we are home, I will try and keep the same bedtimes and rises and just keep a good sleep routine for us all. Sleep does help your immune system, so it is important. There are some really good tips on sleep hygiene here, if you are struggling.

– Stay connected. One of the best things to come out of this pandemic is you really see who the important people are and start to chat to the people who you may not have done for a while. When my anxiety was really bad last week, my friends and family were my lifeline and I am so grateful for all the help they gave me! Messaging and FaceTime will really get us through this time keeping in contact can really help with your mental health. Keep chatting.

This post is not a lecture and certainly not trying to make people toe the line during a Pandemic. I just want to think about my health when this is over and not lose it due to our circumstances or anxiety. I think will take me time to settle back to my usual health routine but I don’t want to lose it!

Look after yourself and your health during lockdown and social isolation and any questions, always here!

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  1. March 23, 2020 / 7:40 pm

    Great advice.
    I have felt so stressed for the last week. I’ve been off my food & I’ve not been sleeping. I didn’t even have my usual wine over the weekend. I just couldn’t be bothered. I gave myself a shake over the weekend, had a couple of early nights and feel better for it. I think my fella being laid off from work helped. He will still get most of his pay and now we can all stay home together. x