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Not Enough Sleep – How Does It Affect Me?

Not Enough Sleep – How Does It Affect Me?

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Sleep. It is sometimes something that is overlooked when thinking about general health. We always think about eating well, trying not to drink too much and doing some exercise where we can. But what if we haven’t had enough rest?

I’m quite lucky at the moment in that I usually do get enough sleep, as both my girls sleep through the night without any issues. Obviously this is something that is going to change with my baby boy on the way!

I try lots of ways to get enough sleep and fall asleep but stopped short of some of the more recent natural remedies. This maybe not having caffeine after a certain point in the day; hubby and I have a de-caf before bed. I also try to stop blogging and working at around 8.30pm so I can chill and watch television for a bit. Still working on leaving the mobile phone alone though after a certain point!

Being comfortable in bed is important; choosing comfortable bedding, like from Julian Charles, which is not only luxurious but comes in some beautiful designs. I also sometimes sleep in our spare room, if struggling to sleep, as helps me get a better night.

I’m really affected when I don’t sleep enough. I had a horrible period of insomnia when I went back to work after having the gremlin.

I found I was:

– Apathetic – I didn’t want to do anything, unless I had to. I cancelled nights out and was very antisocial.

– Lacking in energy to even exercise. I did help with my mood and keeping alert when I was very tired but  it took a lot of energy to go.

– Tearful, all the time! I cried at work, with family and with my hubby at lot. I was just so tired.

– Hungry. Lack of sleep affects the hormones that affect appetite and I didn’t want to eat as healthily as normal. I was craving more carbohydrates and sugary foods to keep me away.

– Anxious. Lack of sleep made my anxiety at going back to work so much worse. I couldn’t sleep a lot of the time due to a racing heart, dry mouth and generally feeling horrible.

My period of insomnia was a really rough time. It lasted around 6-8 weeks and the only thing that help in the end was meditation and relaxation exercises. I realised I was stressed and it was all in my head. As soon as I managed this, I slept!

Sleep to me is just as important as a good diet and exercise and I prioritise it, when I can!

How about you? What do you do to sleep well and how does lack of sleep affect you?

not enough sleep - how does it affect me?