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Healthy Mummy App REVIEW | AD

Healthy Mummy App REVIEW | AD

For Mum’s who are trying to lose weight and keep active, The Healthy Mummy App maybe just what can help! This Healthy Mummy App review may help you kickstart your healthy lifestyle plan, whilst looking after your little one(s). Keeping healthy as a Mum can be very tricky, especially after a new baby or when looking after your family. Time just seems to vanish! By the time you may have finished breastfeeding or a bottle for your little one, they have crashed out on you for an hour, lunchtime has well and truly gone. You end up starving and grabbing the closest food, whether it be a packet of crisps or an apple!

Exercise is even harder. I often find I have to go first thing in the morning, as would not go at all. I’m very lucky my hubby works from home, so I can go early, as I know after bedtime I wouldn’t as motivated! It just feels too late and for some couples, this is when they eat their evening meal.

Healthy Mummy Review – More About The App

Healthy Mummy was devised by Rhian, after she had her first baby back in 2010. Seven years later there are over 1,000,000 mums being part of our Global The Healthy Mummy Community.

healthy mummy app webpage

The App is all about being realistic (which as a dietitian I love) and healthy, sustainable weight loss and healthy living. Forget six-packs and Instagram posing!!

One of the most popular aspects to Rhian’s work is the 28 day programme. This is £19.95 a month to join, though there is a deal at present for a £65.95 annual membership.

This includes many benefits:

– Recipes and Meal Plans – there are 4000 healthy-eating, family friendly recipes that can be customised available.

– Work out plans and exercises. There are over 350 Mum-friendly workouts.

– Daily support from real Mums also completing the challenge. Sometimes we all need inspiration and motivation and the Healthy Mummy Community can do this.

– You can download the App (which I am reviewing) or access all information online. Easy and convenient, anywhere!

Using The Healthy Mummy App

I was provided with a month’s membership, as part of this review and went to download the App from the iOs store here.  It is available from Android too.

You have to set up a username and password online and pay for your subscription, before moving onto the App to set up your plan.

It was pretty straight forward for me to get going. As I am currently pregnant with my third baby, I set it up for a post-partum plan.

I would hope to be breastfeeding and put my target weight to my pre-pregnancy weight of 60kg. I would hope to be moderately active and it estimated I should be aiming for 1800kcals a day, which is a higher calorie intake.

healthy mummy app BMR calculation screenshot

Healthy Mummy Diet Programme

The Healthy Mummy Diet Programme is easy to set up to meet your needs.  You put how many people each meal you will be cooking will be serving, so for me breakfast and lunch for one and an evening meal for 4.

healthy mummy app Profile screenshot

I liked the meal plan ideas for each day, for each meal and snack. There was so much choice and they looked so varied and tasty. Taste is just so important as you need this to be able to keep on track. A healthy diet has to be sustainable and realistic.

I really fancied the peanut butter granola as a general snack! I’m struggling with ideas so decided to have a go at making it and I thought the gremlin may like too. You can see my efforts below and it was amazing and so easy!

healthy mummy app pant butter granola recipe

You can add extra fruit to the granola, like raisins and have with nuts too. Was amazing.

Workout Programme

There are so many different workouts in the fitness library, depending on what you fancy, your abilities and time. I noticed some were really short but enough to get moving and training. There is HiiT training, breathing exercises, dance workouts, fat burners, belly blasters and workouts for the bum and thighs.

So much variation, which I know stops you getting bored, as for some training can be a chore. Variation is key here, as well as being able to fit it in around children and a busy schedule.

Healthy Mummy App fitness screenshot

What I also like about the App is how you can take pictures of your progress and store them, which is fabulous for motivation. You can track your progress, favourite workouts and also have the Coach area, which directs you to the private Facebook group for support 24/7.

This can be just what you need when having a late night craving or a bit of a downer on your progress or goals. For some people attending a group can be intimidating and the online community can really help with this.Healthy Mummy App my profile

You can set reminders too which is really helpful. For example to drink enough water or do your workout. Every little thing helps to keep on track!

healthy mummy app reminder screenshotMy Thoughts!

As a dietitian I think the Healthy Mummy App is great. I get so fed up of unrealistic diets and exercise plans, that promise the world but are totally unsustainable and sometimes, even dangerous!

I am a firm believer that healthy eating and keeping active is for life and to do this, you need tasty, convenient recipes and workouts that fit in with your life. The Healthy Mummy App does both.

Although I am still pregnant and cannot start fully using all the features, I really think it will be such a useful tool when I start to get back into shape. The meal ideas and vast range of workouts will be so helpful, when I have another little person to look after.

I think for some people support and friendship is key when embarking on a life changing plan and I like the way the App links in with the Facebook community. Perfect for asking questions, sharing ideas and maybe having a good old rant on a bad day!

Overall I would give the Healthy Mummy App a thumbs up. It is easy to use, packed with information and personal to you. If you are looking to change your lifestyle but perhaps don’t fancy joining a face-to-face group, it is great!

I hope this Healthy Mummy App Review has helped you and good luck on your healthy lifestyle journey.

Disclosure – I was provided with this product and compensated for my time. All thoughts and opinions are my own.