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How to Prepare your Garden for Spring

How to Prepare your Garden for Spring

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Now the warmer months are upon us, we all want to spend more time in our gardens, where we can enjoy the peace and quiet, and work on our tans. Before we can do this, we need to make sure our garden is prepared, especially if you plan on hosting a BBQ or two in both spring and summer.

To help you get your garden in tip-top shape this spring, read these top tips which will allow you to achieve the perfect outdoor space.

 Spring clean

 The first step to ensuring your garden is spring-ready is by cutting the grass, brushing the pavement and getting rid of unsightly weeds. By doing this, you can make a massive difference to your garden’s aesthetic.

You should also consider tidying up and tending to your garden soil in preparation for your spring flowers. During the winter, soil tends to clump together so before you plant anything you should loosen up the soil by turning, tilting and arranging it to make sure it is prepared and looks presentable.

Revitalise your plants

 Once the foundations are in place, you should then start to inject life back into your older plants by pruning the old wood with plants like honeysuckles and roses. You should also add fertiliser and mulch to older soil in preparation for planting. This should be a repeated process, especially if you want to prevent pesky crabgrass and weeds from spurting through.

Before planting new flowers, you should make sure that you lay out new flower beds and tidy up the borders. You should then choose the right amount of flowers for your garden, as you do not want to it look bare or overcrowded, as this can make your garden seem unkempt.


Garden furniture

Even if you have a tiny garden, you should still consider setting up garden furniture, such as a bench, deck chairs or even a small table and chairs which is great when eating or drinking outside.

For a larger garden, you could add several furniture features, such as a garden swing or a large dining table. If you’re looking to create a luxury garden space, you should turn your attention to property experts like RW Invest, who have plenty of developments with luxurious outdoor spaces.

Welcoming Welsummer Eggs to Your Garden Bounty

Prepare your garden for spring by considering the addition of Welsummer eggs to your backyard. Welsummer chickens provide beautiful brown-speckled eggs and contribute to pest control with their foraging behavior. Ensure a cozy and secure nesting space for Welsummer hens, promoting a sustainable approach to egg production in your garden. Collecting fresh Welsummer eggs can become a rewarding part of your spring routine, adding charm and practicality to your garden landscape.
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Cultivate a wildlife-friendly garden
Nurturing a thriving garden isn’t just about the aesthetic. It’s also about creating an environment where wildlife can flourish. A popular trend in recent years is beekeeping. Encouraging honey bees in your garden can provide you with the unique benefit of homegrown honey. These industrious insects also play a crucial role in our ecosystem, providing essential pollination services.
You can attract honey bees by planting native plants and wildflowers that they’re fond of, like lavender and foxglove. You may also want to consider purchasing a readymade bee house. These provide a safe and welcoming space for bees to nest and breed, bringing a buzz of life to your garden.

Choose a focal point

Every garden needs at least one main fixture to make it stand out. There are a number of focus points you could consider, such as a hammock which can add a boho feel to your garden. Garden arches are also a great addition to any garden and can be used to highlight entrances or flower beds.

Water features are one of the most beautiful focal fixtures you can have in your garden. This could include adding a simple bird bathin a smaller garden, a wildlife pond for a naturalistic feel, or even a fountain if you’re embracing a deluxe garden design. Any of these fixtures will add that little bit extra to your garden, making yours stand out from the crowd.