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5 Things I Do to Cheer Myself Up

5 Things I Do to Cheer Myself Up

I’m not usually a miserable person and try to stay as happy as I can all the time but it’s life isn’t it? There is no way you feel happy all the time and sometimes it can be exhausting to try all the time. I usually feel on a reasonable even keel most of the time but hormones, stress and anxiety can send me all over. These are the times I may feel low, tearful, moody or just not myself. I do think there are many way you can give yourself a little self-care and I can cheer myself up quite easily. There are a few things I like to do to try and make myself smile a little on a bad day.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or dramatic and can be pretty simple!

Cheer Myself Up

Have a Date Night with my Husband – sometimes we definitely need a re-set, as a busy life with kids can mean my husband and I are like ships in the night! All we need is a glass of wine, put our phones down and turn the TV off. We chat, catch up and reconnect. This usually makes me feel a whole lot better.

Buy Myself Some Flowers – I’m definitely not a woman who will not wait for my husband to buy her some flowers. I usually buy myself some weekly but have been a little slack recently. I would usually pick some up from the supermarket or an online retailer like Pearson’s Florist for a beautiful delivery and pick me up. Flowers smell amazing and are so bright and cheery!

Go for a Run – I love fresh air, alone time, music and the endorphins that come from a good run outdoors. Nothing beats it and I actually like the dark morning, as quite often I will see the sun rise which is so beautiful and an even better feeling. Also I have done my exercise for the day and cheered myself up a little.

Practice The Piano – I have recently started piano lessons (I need to blog about this actually) but find it so relaxing to practice. It is one of those hobbies you need to keep practicing at to get better and move on during your next lesson, so I have to keep at it. I was worried I’d lose interest but so far still enjoying it!

Journalling – this is a hobby I got into during lockdown and it does tend to come and go, depending on how much time I have. On a recent trip to Yorkshire, I did tonnes but with starting the piano, I do have less time. However, when I do have a little time journalling is such fun to do. It unleashes some of my creativity, is relaxing and it’s great to document memories. I print photos,  write and doodle.

When I write down some of these things, it does make me thankful for the hobbies I have and interests that can really cheer me up, make me happy. Time is precious with 3 crazy children but I always make time for myself, as it makes myself a better person and Mum.

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.