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Playmobil Family Fun Zoo Range – REVIEW | AD

Playmobil Family Fun Zoo Range – REVIEW | AD

All my kids love PlayMobil. I remember buying my eldest a house when she was younger and it’s gone through all three of my children. They love the character and the detail that comes with Playmobil and for kids it is just amazing for imaginative play. We haven’t been to the zoo in absolutely ages. With the lockdown and Covid-19. Our Experience I guess it is just something that has been put on the back burner for a little while. So when the kids were offered items from the Playmobil Family Fun Zoo Range, I knew they would be excited!

Playmobil Family Fun Zoo Range

My girls were beside themselves with excitement to receive some items from Playmobil Family Fun Zoo Range. Playmobil is aimed at kids aged 4 years and over, so my girls are perfect. Of course their 2 year old brother wanted to get involved and I couldn’t really stop him but he was a bit little.

Playmobil Family Fun Large City Zoo

The first item we were sent was the Playmobil Family Fun Large City Zoo. This retails at £54.99 and is a pretty amazing set. It comes with a selection of animals and you can see the full list of what is included here.

As specified in the link above:

“A fun-filled day at the zoo awaits! Upon arrival, head up the steps for the best view of the penguins sliding into the pool, or the giraffes being fed!”

girl with Playmobil Family Fun Large City Zoo in box

Playmobil Family Fun Elephant Habitat

The second item we were kindly sent in the Family Fun collection was the Elephant Habitat. This RRPs at £20.

Children will love helping take care of the animals with this Elephant Habitat playset from the Playmobil Family Fun range. It comes with a man with a peaked cap, an elephant and baby elephant, a water ditch and water plants. It also has a tree and straw bundle for the elephants.

Playmobil Family Fun Elephant Habitat

Playmobil Family Fun Elephant Habitat

Playmobil Family Fun Alligator with Babies

This Playmobil Family Fun Alligator with Babies RRPs at £10 and it features 1x adult alligator and 2x baby alligators for even more fun.

Perfect for play with the Large City Zoo!

Playmobil Family Fun Alligator with Babies

Note there are meant to be two baby alligators but I think my baby boy may have got his hands on one!

playmobil alligator and baby alligator

Building the Playmobil Family Fun Large City Zoo

We opened the Playmobil Family Fun Large City Zoo and were met with a lot of bags of the product ready for building. I knew we would have some building to do but I must admit I was surprised at just how much! My husband helped out and we had to let the kids take some of the people and elephants off to play, whilst we started setting it up.

bag of kit from Playmobil Family Fun Large City Zoo girl setting up Playmobil Family Fun Large City Zoo

The issue is not everything is in the same bag for the same part. The instructions are very clear with what you have to build and where but finding the parts was a little tricky. Make sure you tell your kids not to open any bags and tip it all out. We did have this issue with my eldest. This does make it harder to set the product up, as you can’t find the pieces anywhere. This was pretty true for the grass and flower pieces! I was losing my mind slightly!

It does fit together pretty easily though and we had no problems following the instructions. It just takes a little time and you may want to do it before you give to your kids. If they are a little older, they may want to help, especially if they enjoy building and following instructions.

parts from Playmobil Family Fun Large City Zoo all over the floor

However, after some time we did manage to get the Playmobil Family Fun Large City Zoo and I have to say it really is so impressive!

So many details have been thought about; from having the binoculars on the walk-way to all the items for sale in the shop, like chocolates and balloons. It is pretty sturdy but as I mentioned younger children may not be as careful as older. My little man was quite rough on occasion, knocking down the till and the animals. I wouldn’t let younger children play unless fully supervised.

all set up Playmobil Family Fun Large City Zoo

My girls loved the balloons and little bags in the shop.

cash register in the Playmobil Family Fun Large City Zoo

There were different animal included such a penguins, giraffes and a pelican.

You can feed the giraffes from the tree which my girls loved and clean up poo from the animals too! Included is a bucket and spade and poop.

penguins in the Playmobil Family Fun Zoo


We of course could add our included alligators and elephants. There are also animals and sets you can buy in the Family fun Zoo Range.

My 4 year old in particular loved it!

girl playing with the Playmobil family fun zoo

Overall Thoughts

Overall I was really impressed with all the products we received from the Playmobil Family Fun Zoo Range. I’m just always amazed at all the detail and so much was included. The animals are so well made and sturdy, especially the elephants we received as a separate kit. The girls loved them and they were played with a lot.

The product is fabulous for imaginative play and fun. My girls played for ages with all the range and it kept them busy. Great for screen-free time!

As mentioned bear in mind you have a lot of building to do and this does take time with lots of little parts. We found making the kids go off whilst we did this, a lot easier! There are a lot of pieces in general so we used an old lunchbox to keep them in, as there isn’t storage or a place for everything as such. The instructions are clear and easy to follow but as I mentioned earlier set this up away from younger children.

Stick with the age range recommended for play due to so many small pieces and the fact that parts can be knocked down easily. My 4 year old was perfect for it.

Price-wise this product RRPs at £54.99, so not a cheap toy but the level of quality and detail, I was very impressed with. For children who love the zoo and animals it will have such a wow-factor!

Thumbs up though, as we were really impressed!

Disclosure – we received these products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.