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Having COVID Mildly – Our Experience

Having COVID Mildly – Our Experience

I never expected to get Covid which is the stupidest thing to say right now! My Manager told me a while back, when she picked it up 1 in 900 people had it. When I succumbed it was 1 in 50.  I was disappointed. Firstly because I was so close to getting vaccinated. In fact my colleague had it booked last week; the day I was coming back to work. I’d held off booking before Christmas, as felt too soon and I wasn’t high risk or vulnerable. I also felt like I’d let myself down; my family down. I’d brought it home. I expected it would be the kids and it wasn’t. I was scared and worried, even though this is an account of having Covid mildly, the fear was real.

Some people will always argue I brought it on myself as continued to go to the gym. I nipped into Solihull with my eldest after Christmas to do a couple of jobs but I knew the risks. I’d been going to the gym since July and was always meticulous with wiping equipment, washing my hands and wiping my phone but it’s of course, not always going to be enough. I love the gym and for me, home working out was boring. It was anti-social. I’d avoided the gym a week before Christmas, before seeing family and I’m so glad I did that now, as ultimately I believe this is where I picked Covid up.

I thought I would write about my experience; having Covid mildly, I’m certainly not making light of Covid at all. I am aware the state the NHS is in right now and how the Covid cases across the UK, are currently going through the ceiling. It isn’t something to ignore or take lightly at all! I never wanted it and I would never wish it on anyone. I’m also aware of course, sadly that some people do get very sick with Covid-19 and that following the advice from the NHS website is vital if this is the case.

Follow the lockdown rules, wear your masks and wash your hands! Get vaccinated if you get offered it. I will never move from this stance.

However, I wanted to write about my case which wasn’t what I expected and to reassure others that not all cases go the same way. For someone with health anxiety, I know reading something like this would have calmed me a little.

How Did I Know I Was Starting With Covid?

I swear I have a bit of a sixth sense at the moment. I’d figured something else out recently, so after Christmas when I headed back to the gym, I had a bad feeling I was going to get Covid before I was vaccinated. I don’t know why I didn’t act on this and not go to the gym but hey ho!

We are all different with Covid from what I have read and seen but for me I started with a sore throat on New Year’s Day. I’d been outside in the afternoon, came inside to work and thought my throat felt uncomfortable. Something said Covid immediately then but I’d had a late night the night before. We’d gone to bed after 12.30am on New Year’s Eve and I’d had wine. On January 1st, I’d also had a run, then walk and I did wonder if I’d just overdone it. Fast forward to the next morning and I’d had a fitful sleep; I felt warm and I’d been dreaming about having Covid! I nudged my hubby who pretty much ignored me, so I headed off to find a thermometer. When it read 38.2 degrees I knew I was in trouble, as have no recollection of having a temperature in my adult life!! I felt hot and flustered and like my head wasn’t right.

high temperature with Covid

I’m lucky, as have lateral flow tests from work. For the last few weeks, I’d been testing twice a week and after a string of negative tests, I knew what I was doing. When the positive line came within a few minutes, I knew I had Covid. It was a weird set of feelings. Guilt for bringing it home. Panic for how I was going to be. Relief that I was going to have it and not have to worry anymore. I was in a bit of a panic until I was calmed down by one of the management team at work, who told me how to organise my test and go and rest.

Of course, I had to have it confirmed with a PCR test and this didn’t come until the day after. I have to go through work for this. 24 hours later, it confirmed what I knew, a positive test for Covid and 10 days isolation.

positive covid on a lateral flow test

What Were My Symptoms of Covid?

Symptoms for Covid can vary so much from what I’ve read and for me this was the worst part of having it. Waiting to see what each day would bring! I definitely felt worse if I panicked or worried. I had to mute a frontline staff group that was full of people describing awful symptoms, as every time I read anything, I’d be in full panic mode. The anxiety is horrible and the way your virus makes you think isn’t fun either. That feeling of being so unsettled; almost like “the fear” after a heavy night.

I started with a sore throat which led to a headache and temperature. The headache on day 1 was blinding and lasted all day on and off. The relief to wake to it dulled on Day 2 was amazing. I was up a couple of nights needing the toilet urgently but I didn’t have diarrhoea. After one dose of paracetamol my temperature went and never re-appeared. My husband has since tested positive and never had a temperature. Since then I had a few days of tiredness and tingly skin and joints which is never fun. The mild cough started a couple of days in but certainly was not continuous. At first it was dry but I have noticed it being a little snotty as the days passed. I also had the very unpleasant feeling someone was sat on my chest for one day but that went. I haven’t been breathless. I did struggle to sleep but wonder if that was more anxiety or insomnia. As I write this I am a week in. My cough has now gone.

I do worry about how long I’ll feel off for. My appetite hasn’t been great, as it never is with a virus and I do think, as I write this, my taste is changing a little. This seems to get worse as the days go on. I can taste sweet and salty but fruit tastes awful and my smell isn’t right. The air around me smells weird! Most people I have spoken to have said, give it a couple of weeks. I’m not feeling terribly fatigued, just not very well and tired.

Recovering from Covid

I am worried about the recovery long-term from Covid, as am still very tired and not right. It’s been just over a week but already the thoughts about exercise and getting back to work fill my mind. I’m not the best at resting and know I need to give it longer.

I found my worst symptom was my headache on Day 1. I started with a couple of paracetamol which got rid of my temperature and helped with the head pain. By evening it was so bad I took co-codamel. I rarely take this as get nutty about taking too much or having an upset tummy but it was the only thing to work.

I haven’t got any miracle cures or advice and I certainly wouldn’t be writing anything like that on here anyways.

In my mind the road to recovery was rest, paracetamol as directed, plenty of fluids and trying to eat little and often. My appetite was terrible for the first few days and weirdly I go off healthy foods, craving anything to get the energy in. I felt sick which I wasn’t sure was Covid or worry. I ate soup, bacon sandwiches, eggs, toast and bagels and drank a lot of tea. I kept up with my Vitamin D supplements and that’s about it. As time passed I started to eat my normal meals again and tried to eat more healthily again.

The Rest of the Family

My husband tested positive for Covid a few days after me. We knew this would happen as we made no effort to really stop it! As you are contagious 48 hours before symptoms start, we knew it would be too late. His symptoms were similar to mine, except he had no temperature and he has had more of a cough. He’s struggled with headaches and lethargy. Around the same time my eldest was complaining of a headache and being lethargic, so we assumed it had hit her too. We haven’t tested her as she has since mentioned her taste has been weird, so we have just extended her isolation and she won’t return to school, as a key worker, for an extra week. My youngest two so far, are asymptomatic.

family of 5 doing a Christmas photo

Having Covid Mildly?

The thing that scared me to death the most when I picked up Covid was that my social media feed was full of scary stories, as mentioned. Each day that went by I’d be scared to go to sleep, nervous about what the next day would bring. But it just brought rest and a little bit of my health back. There were many mornings I woke up feeling just as tired as when I went to bed but I guess this is just the nature of Covid and viruses in general!

I know hubby and I had a milder version of Covid and although we don’t know what the recovery will be like long-term, I’m very grateful for small mercies.

I wanted to write up our experience as a diary for the future and to let others know, Covid can be milder. It’s not pleasant, I wouldn’t want you to get it but keeping calm and resting up have got us though. That and a lot of screen time and WhatsApp!

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments!

having covid mildly



  1. January 10, 2021 / 5:13 pm

    Oh no! What a worry, even catching it mildly is bad. I hope you are all feeling better now. x

  2. Tracey Abrahams
    January 10, 2021 / 8:19 pm

    I’m glad you’re on the better side of it now. The smell and taste thing is a real bugger and unfortunately has yet to go away for me. I think the scariest thing about covid for me will always be the speed at which symptoms go from mild to serious. My covid story matches yours quite closely for the first 5 days, headache, temperature and a bit of a cough. I didn’t even have the weight on my chest thing. I’m lucky in many ways, because I attempted to go for a walk I made my breathing much worse and that prompted the calls to the GP, and subsequently ambalance. If I had not done that and had just put up with the coughing for another night, who knows if I would have made it through the night.

    • RunJumpScrap
      January 11, 2021 / 8:56 am

      I’m so glad you went with your gut feeling and spoke to the GP! The alternative is so scary. Hope your taste and smell comes back. Mine is slowly!x