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Update Your Kid’s Bedroom WITHOUT Redecorating – 5 Easy Ways | AD

Decorating can be expensive and a pain! There are occasions when of course a room or bedroom does need completely redecorating. A quick spruce up will not really suffice! However, there are other times when all you need a few cheaper additions to the room, to make it look new and revitalised. It is easy to update your kid’s bedroom without redecorating.

We had a similar situation with my middley’s bedroom. It was already painted when we moved in and was classed as the spare room but when we had a shuffle, we realised we did not fully need to re-decorate but instead make some small inexpensive changes. This both saved us some money but also left her room looking great!

Now more than ever, we are shopping online, browsing and finding amazing products and deals; items that will be perfect to give a kid’s bedroom a new lease of life. It is easy to find what style and colours your child would like and easily update a room without re-decorating.

Update a Kid’s Bedroom Without Redecorating

Here are 5 easy ways you can update a room without redecorating:

Wall Stickers 

Wall stickers were the main thing we did with middley’s room and they completely change a wall! You can choose from so many different designs, for different ages and styles. You will save money choosing this option and avoiding painting the walls.

wall stickers from Tenstickers

New Lighting

This may be a lamp, spotlights or a main light in the room. You may choose fairy lights, LED lighting or coloured lights. They can really change the atmosphere and ambiance in a room and easy to choose and find. I always remember as a University student adding fairy lights to my wall and it made it really lovely. I felt really at home.

Wall Art

You may choose photos or prints. Canvases or even tapestries. Wall art can really change the feel of a room, personalise it and make a wall look amazing, with no painting involved. I quite like prints and photographs for my wall art. I love choosing something that will fit the room or enlarging a really special photograph,

Vinyl Rugs

You may not want to splurge on a whole new carpet if you are not planning on re-decorating the whole room. Vinyl rugs are another way to update the room, without re-decorating. They are suitable for harder floors, like wooden for example.

vinyl rugs from tenstickers

New Bedding

I love a new duvet and pillow set and for little ones, this can really change the feel of a room. You may also want to consider adding in cushions or blankets to match your design too. Kids love new bedding, especially if it’s their favourite cartoon or show character! It is definitely a cheaper option too.

You can also enhance safety and style by investing in house beds with rails, providing a secure and playful sleeping space for your child. These beds are not only offer a whimsical touch to the room but also provide peace of mind by preventing accidental falls during the night.

It is really easy to surprise your little one with a room makeover without even picking up a paintbrush! You can make some small changes cheaply that will give your kid’s room a new lease of life.

Hope these tips for updating your kid’s bedroom without redecorating give you some ideas!

5 ways to update a kid's bedroom without decorating

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