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Lockdown Outdoor Activities for Kids

lockdown outdoor activities

As I write this, we have all just moved into Tier 4. Harsher restrictions and we are locked down again. I know it needed to happen but it doesn’t stop that feeling of dread. Winter is a very different time to be locked down in; it’s cold. It’s wet and damp and if you have a child like me, who really doesn’t enjoy being cold, the it doesn’t leave you with very many options. However, if you are like me, you need to get outdoors for your mental health and well-being. You also know your children cannot spend every free moment in front of a screen or arguing, so it is best to try and get outdoors, even for an hour! It really breaks the day up. Hopefully these lockdown outdoor activities for kids will give you a little inspiration. Hopefully this will just help to keep you a little busier at weekends (but of course we never know!)

The March lockdown for us was filled with garden time, walks to the woods and just being outdoors but of course, we were blessed with an amazing spring and summer in some of our darkest months. I know personally, this kept my sanity and uplifted my mood. However, just because the weather will not be the same now, doesn’t mean you can’t get outdoors.

Lockdown Outdoor Activities

Here are some lockdown activities for kids for the outdoors. Of course it’s colder now but you can still go outside! Without the kids I am getting outside for regular park training or running. It is times like these I wish I had a horse to ride and a stables to visit, to escape in the countryside, with the wind in my hair!

However, for now here are some ideas for outdoor activities in lockdown for you and your kids:


If you feel comfortable, going to the park can be a great way to burn off an hour. My kids were so happy to go back when the parks open. If you feel a little umcomfy take some hand gel and wearing gloves in the cold is always a great idea! We just tend to go if looks quiet and will leave if there are too many people.

family in a park - lockdown outdoor activities

Local Woodland Walks

We are so lucky to have some woods near our house and it really was our salvation during the lockdown in March. We went daily for exercise. If you have one local to you or a very short drive, it’s a lovely way to spend a few hours. Wrap up, get your wellies on and explore. My girls loved climbing on logs and splashing around in some of the muddy puddles!

National Trust During Lockdown

I know not everyone is a member of the National Trust but the gardens have been open now for a while in many. We have had a few visits and really enjoyed ourselves. You have to book a slot and the houses are not open but it’s quiet, feels safe and some sites are truly beautiful. Our kids love having a run around and it’s great to keep them busy and active for a few hours. There are takeaway hot drink spots too! Always worth it if you can get a cup of tea.

Lockdown Activity Ideas


Our garden is usually in a bit of a state after Christmas. Leaves everywhere, dead plants and weeds and now is the perfect time to start tidying it up! This is also a great opportunity to get your kids involved over the winter weekends. Often if it is tidier there is more space to play. We have a trampoline covered in leaves to sort out as well and this is always some incentive.

Planting seeds

Winter is a great time to plant certain seeds, ready for the summer months. My husband is really keen on this and he suggested planting some tomato seeds. Kids will love getting involved in this and will give them something to look forward to.

Bike rides/Scoots/Walks around the Streets

During lockdown of course we are meant to be staying at home as much as possible but daily exercise is important. We used the previous lockdown to teach my then 3 year old, to ride her bike. My almost 2 year old is loving scooting and getting on a balance bike and these are the best opportunities to get them to learn a new skill! I am after getting a bike now too!

Garden fun – obstacle courses/races/skipping

If you have the garden space and have perhaps roped the kid into a lockdown gardening marathon, setting up some games in the garden will also keep them busy. Some ideas include:

– Bubbles

– Skipping ropes/balls

– Mini obstacle courses

– Old fashioned games like “What’s The Time Mister Wolf” and “Blind Man’s Buff”

Picnics and a warm drink

On a dry, crisp days some kids would love a garden picnic. Wrap them up warm with some sandwiches and a warm drink. You may not be able to sit and bask in the sun anymore but it’s always lovely to eat outside, will be a bit of a novelty and will encourage some outdoor play.

girl eating outdoors

Nature Hunts/Treasure Hunts

You may want to plan something for a wood visit or National Trust or set up a treasure hunt in your garden but my kids LOVE this. Especially if the prize is a bit of chocolate!

I hope this really will be the last time we are locked down for a while or ever again! If you are like me, you have to get outdoors and get you are your kids some fresh air. So I hope this post with some lockdown outdoor activities post will help give you some inspiration.

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.