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5 Ways To Help Your Mental Health | AD

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I’m not someone who shies away from talking about mental health on my blog and in general. I am someone who does struggle now and then with anxiety and low mood. It is hard sometimes. You have to keep going, look after little ones, work and keep smiling. But I do find there are things that can help me; lift my mood and keep my going on the days where I just really want to hide under the duvet.

Ways To Help Your Mental Health

Exercise – my biggest stress reliever is exercise. I love to run, go to the gym, walk, scoot, anything that gets me moving. It is such a mood booster. I run with friends and quite often see people I know in the gym. A friendly face will always help me and it can really set me up for the day. I always know the days I haven’t done any exercise, as I tend to feel more sluggish and unmotivated.

Talk to my friends and family – I really rely on talking to other people when I am feeling low. Sometimes I think too much but it really is the best thing for me. It is great to get another view on a worry or just vent to other people how I am feeling. I’m quite simple in that a hug and a chat will often make me feel a lot better.

Spend time by myself – on the contrary sometimes I do just need some time alone. With 3 children who are all very demanding, getting time alone only tends to happen on the couple of days they are at school, so sometimes I do crave more time. This can be simply going for a walk, chilling out in my bedroom alone or having a solo shop.

Create a tidy living environment – this can be controversial for some but having a tidy living space can really help my mind. When I feel anxious or low, I know the housework can go out of the window. However, I know overall I do tend to feel a lot better when I have a decluttered house. One thing to do is do as much as you can when feeling good, so most weeks I do my cleaning on a set day, so it’s done! Try to have a declutter when you can, as it becomes such a huge job when you leave it for long time. An option would be looking into some self-storage from Currie easy self storage. This will allow you to take some of your clutter out of your house and leave more space and possibly a clearer head. It is easy to get a call back or quote and you’ll feel great for a clear out.

Sleep – getting enough shut eye is one of the most important things to keep my mood good. I often find I feel more sluggish and fed up after going to be too late and or waking up too early. As I love to run and exercise a 6am or before rise is pretty normal, so I have to go to bed pretty early. It’s worth it though to get the exercise in, as I feel good then too!

Looking after my mental health is really important to me, as it helps me to be a better Mum, better person and just generally happier.

I hope some of these tips help!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.