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Super Cute Little Babies Kala – REVIEW | AD

Super Cute Little Babies Kala – REVIEW | AD

It’s been a while since we have had a new doll to review on the blog, so I snapped up the chance of getting to have some fun with Kala from the Super Cute Little Babies Range. My eldest at 9 has passed the age for loving dolls, so I wondered if it would be my 6 year old girl or her 3 year old brother who would be the most excited. It was her my little boy, who has a wonderful taste in toys and loves playing with everything he can get his hands on. He was most happy to help me out and was fully supervised.

little boy with Super Cute little Baby Kala

Super Cute Little Babies

These dolls have been designed to help little ones think a little more about their environment. They want children to embrace more sustainable habits and adopt positive behavioural changes.

Each Super Cute Little Baby has a different core goal and a different eco habit. This aims to make children implement eco-friendly practices into their daily routines and also motivate families to do the same.

You can find these dolls in Tesco and The Entertainer and they retail at £31.99. She is aimed at children aged 3 years and over. She does need 2 x AA batteries, that are not included.

Super Cute little babies kala

Super Cute Baby Kala

Kala has the power to control water, so this really made me think about how we as a household can save water. I had some chats with my little man and it was simple things like not filling the kettle with too much water, having a shower not a bath and turning the tap off when cleaning his teeth.

little man cleaning Kala's teeth

Kala is one of the Super Cute Little Babies; a 2 in 1 doll that becomes a superhero when she drinks from the magic bottle. She is 26cm tall and you can brush her hair with her comb, rock her with the dummy in her mouth and feed her with the baby bottle. After she has her bottle, she’s full of energy and ready to become a Super Cute Little Baby hero!

When you feed your Super Cute Little Baby their symbol lights up and there are power-up sounds. It is time to make the transformation from baby to hero, each item of the doll’s clothes are reversible so you can either dress the Super Cute doll as a baby, or transform her from babies outfit into a Super Cute hero costume. They also have a mask to complete the transformation.

Kala super cute baby symbol lit up

Playing with Kala

Kala the Super Cute Little Baby was pretty easy to set up. You simple take the doll out of the box and she needs batteries in her back; 2 x AA. She is then ready to go.

My little man was most fascinated with her in Superhero mode! So it was hard to make him turn her back into a baby.

As you can see below, you use the bottle and her symbol lights up, with sounds, ready to transform in a Superhero! Or in my son’s case, stay as a Superhero.

Her loved feeding her and putting her dummy in too. He is quite a nurturing little thing.

Putting a dummy in Super Cute Little Baby Kala

It is easy to make the transformation. As a baby she has a bib, no skirt, cape and shoes. Also no mask.

Baby Kala Super Cute Little Baby

The cape is easily tucked into the bib at the back when she goes from Superhero, back to baby.

Kala's superhero cape tucked into her bib Kala's bib.

Overall Thoughts

Super Cute Little Babies come with such an important message for the environment and it did open up some communication channels between me and my little man. When we were taking some of the photos I could explain Kala was important when controlling water. We could then chat about the environment and the importance of saving water. Each doll has a different message.

Kala herself is a sturdy doll and my little man had no issues playing with her. He could easily move her legs and arms and use her bottle and dummy. He loved watching her symbol light up and hearing her power sounds. She is easy to transform from baby to Super Hero. My little man did need a little help changing her cape to bib and putting her socks on but he is only 3. An older kid would be able to probably do this. Kala has lovely bright eyes and is very cute.

I have to say she is quite a simple doll. I think my older two were expecting her to magically transform from baby to Super Hero when we used her bottle! There is nothing too extravagant about her and you have to do all the changing, which is of course fine. My little man loves doing this. I think all kids are obsessed with undressing and re-dressing their dolls.

Price-wise, I thought was quite a lot at £31.99 but this is pretty similar to other dolls on the market right now. I know she would make a lovely Christmas present and my little man has already announced which one he wants next!

Overall these are unique dolls, who come with an important message. They are cute, fun and I know many little ones will love.\

Disclosure – we were provided with this Super Cute Little Babies Kala doll in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.