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Re-Decorating our Bedroom with Photowall | AD

photowall flowers wallpaper

Redecorating! It’s one of those things I love and hate. The process is so messy and can be long but it is always worth it. We moved into our current house over 6 years ago now and I have to admit rushed into decorating our bedroom. We chose a blueish colour, as had something similar in our spare room in our old house. We also went with blue curtains and have built in wardrobes that span the whole room. It is a good sized room! Time passed and I soon realised I didn’t really like the room that much. I knew we should have left it a bit longer and made better decisions. Our bed we have had since 2011 and the leather is peeling off the headboard. We haven’t bought new duvet covers in years and it is very much time to make some changes. One of these will involve some amazing wallpaper designs from Photowall.

More About Photowall

Photowall is perfect for those who want something different for their walls. From wallpapers, to prints and poster; there is so much amazing choice. If you like bright and vibrant, simple or even your own photo as a wallpaper. There are so many ideas and loads of inspiration.

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So get shopping!

Overall Plans for Redesigning Our Bedroom

We knew we didn’t want built in wardrobes all around the room anymore and not a tan colour. I was thinking of a clean, crisp look, with new white wardrobes. We then debated whether or not to go with built in fitted or look around for some flatpack wardrobes. At first we did lean towards the former but the cost would be great and there was no guarantees how long it would take to design and wait for a carpenter. Also, I am not very good at the details when it comes to designs!

You can see where we are now as this post goes live. It’s all very messy but the wardrobes are ripped out on one side.

room with ripped out wardrobes

Currently we are planning to get a set from Ikea.

We are only going to have wardrobes on one side of the room which will leave an amazing size wall, for a feature wall.

Of course we will need new bedside tables, chest of drawers, a new bed and I’d love a snuggly chair or new sofa.

Colour Schemes

I have been very much “50 shades of grey” around the house as now have a grey kitchen and grey and yellow entrance hall. We are thinking a light grey for the bedroom, white for the woodwork and a new grey carpet. The wallpaper we have chosen from Photowall is vibrant and colourful, so we know the rest of the room needs to be clean and simple (keeping it clean with my husband will probably be impossible however!).

Wallpaper from Photowall

I love something bright and colourful and different. When I was offered a wallpaper from Photowall, I knew we would find something perfect for our room and we found an amazing design; so colourful and I knew if we kept the rest of the room, simple and minimalistic.

We have chosen this design from Photowall. It is priced at £29/m2.

It is called Flowery and comes in wallpaper, print or poster.

It was very easy to order, as you put in the dimensions of your wall and find your price. You can choose which parts of the pattern you want, depending on your wall and its size.

photowall flowers wallpaper

Getting Started

As this article goes to print, we are currently at the stage of sorting. We have emptied the wardrobes on one side of the room, ready to be taken down. The next step will be stripping all the wallpaper off the walls and assessing what needs to be done before we can decorate. We know it will be skirting board, coving and potentially plaster work.

Watch this space and see how we get on!

Disclosure – we received the wallpaper in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.