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Steffi LOVE Dolls – REVIEW | AD

Evie doll with kennel and puppies and accessories

All 3 of my children are huge fans of dolls, including my little man. They love their hair, clothes, making up games together and generally any doll games can usually keep them occupied for a good while. We have had some illness and bugs in the family over the last couple of weeks, which has meant everyone has felt a bit fed up, plus we have had some more time at home. When we were kindly sent some Steffi Love Dolls to review, I knew it would cheer the kids up no end (would probably lead to some fighting over them) but may also give me some time to crack on with a few jobs at home!

Steffi Love dolls x 2

More About Steffi Love Dolls

We were sent two Steffi Love Doll products, the Steffi Love Happy Animal Doll set and Steffi Love Hair Glam. The former RRPs at £14.99 and the latter £9.99.

Steffi is all about a love for animals, fashion and friends and I knew my three would love playing.

You can find Steffi Love Dolls on both Amazon and from Hamleys. They are all OUT NOW!

girl with Steffi Love dolls x 2

Steffi Love Animal Doll Set (dogs)

This lovely set includes animal friends and helpers Evi and Steffi who look after dogs and their babies. They can feed the animals using the bowls or for the babies with the bottle and play with the animals with a ball or a ball of wool. When it’s time for bed, the dogs have a kennel to sleep in.

Evie doll with kennel and puppies and accessories

Steffi Love Hair Glam

The Steffi Love Hair Glam doll comes equipped with a hair comb and a selection of hair clips. Help Steffi style her gorgeous extra long pink hair and mix and match her clothes with other Steffi Love Dolls.

My little boy was very taken with her.

boy with Steffi Love dolls hair glam doll

Unboxing and Playing with the Dolls

Both my eldest and my little man were the most enamoured with the Steffi Loves Dolls. We unboxed both dolls easily. I did need some scissors to get out all the accessories.

My eldest loved how soft the hair was of both the dolls and she liked being able to change their clothes and start playing.

The Steffi Love Dolls Animal set came with a dog and two puppies, a kennel, as well as plenty of accessories for Steffi and Evie.

I would invest in a little tub or lunchbox to store the accessories (you can see some on the photos above), as I often find they are so easy to get lost!

The Steffi Love Glam Hair doll does have really long hair. My little man loved her and was asking me to put the clips in and out of her hair about a million times. Do be careful with the hair, as it can get a bit tangled but it can be brushed with the included brush. Like all the Steffi Love dolls, the clothes can be removed and mix and matched with other dolls in the range.

boy holding Steffi loves glam hair

Overall Thoughts

My eldest and the little man have had some great fun with the Steffi Love Dolls. They are very reasonably priced and come with plenty of accessories for play.

The dolls themselves are pretty and cute and will attract little ones. Both of mine loved their long, soft hair and being able to change their clothes and take shoes off etc.

Lovely as a gift and great to collect!

Thumbs up from us.

Disclosure – we were sent these products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.