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DoodleJamz – Jellyboards and Jellypics REVIEW | AD

girl holding doodlejamz

I love my kids to be creative, of course I do! However, if they can do this whilst making the least amount of mess, this is always better! I know we need to let is go sometimes and let them make a mess but cleaning up glitter and mess really isn’t one of my favourite things to do over the school holidays! DoodleJamz therefore, are perfect! Amazing creativity and no mess!


DoodleJamz Jellyboards – What are they?

From Character Toys, Jellyboards have two separate layers of coloured jelly. The double layer creates an amazing sensory touch and feel! They are actually quite therapeutic to play with. Double-colour depth offers more complexity in artistic creations forming shapes of jelly or drawing in the negative space. The Jellyboard comes in a plastic frame with a removable paper background and a shaping stylus.

DoodleJamz Jellypics – More About the Product

Jellypics have transparent jelly with various colours of squishy beads. Each Frame comes with a cardboard backer with picture. You can have fun sculpting the coloured beads on top of the picture to make exciting and unique combinations.

Both are available from Smyth’s Toys and retail at £4.99. They are aimed at children aged 3 years and over.

One of the coolest aspect of both DoodleJamz products is you can head over to their website and upload your own images and print out for your backer cards, to personalise both your Jellyboards or Jellypics.

Testing Out DoodleJamz

We took the DoodleJamz away on our Easter break, as we knew we would have a rainy day.

They are easy to simply open and get cracking. You do have the option as mentioned, to print out backing boards from the DoodleJamz website and upload your own pictures. We at the time, couldn’t do this but will do when back home with our printer.

My eldest used the card provided for the Jellypics and spent ages moving the beads around to makes bunny ears, hairstyles and general pictures. It is so easy and you can use your fingers or the provided tool. It kept all my kids so busy for ages!

doodlejamz jellypics girl holding a jellypics

The Jellyboards can be worked in a similar way, without the beads. My eldest used both the tool and her fingers to write messages and draw pictures. I mentioned before, they are quite therapeutic to play with too! The jelly feels pretty cool and soft.

love hearts on a jellyboards

Our Thoughts

I thought these products were both really innovative and really good value. They are great as sensory products and perfect for mess-free play and enhancing creativity.

Also great for when travelling or needing something to pop in a bag to take out. Great for something to do!

I like the personalisation aspect and this very easy via the DoodleJamz website.

The kids loved the feel of both the DoodleJamz and they kept them entertained for ages. They are those sort of toys you just can’t stop messing with; I guess almost like fidget toys.

Thumbs up from us!

Disclosure – we were provided with these products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own