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Moon Shoes – REVIEW | AD

girl bouncing with moon shoes

I have talked before about how we are involved in Character Options Stay Active campaign, alongside Olympic champion Greg Rutherford and we have previously reviewed their Jump It product. We had great fun with this. This month it is all about Moon Shoes!

I’m really excited to be part of Character Options Staying Active campaign. Character Options want to help with childhood obesity and mental health issues. They want to help parents get their children active, reduce screen time and allow families to have fun together being active. The Stay Active Range is perfect for this, as allows both indoor and outdoor fun!

Benefits of the Stay Active range include:

• Increased mental wellbeing
• Improved movement, balance, coordination, and reaction time
• Improved social skills, self-esteem, and confidence

I love getting outdoors with my kids. We bike we scoot and we trampoline a lot, so I knew Moon Shoes would be right up our street!

moon shoes in the box

More About Moon Shoes

Moon Shoes from Character Options are another product you can use both indoors and outdoors, so perfect for the crazy weather we are getting now.

They are aimed at children aged 7 years and over and they are available at Argos.

You can turn your feet into mini trampolines and ‘defy gravity’ with Moon Shoes, the Iconic anti-gravity device powered by kids! Moon Shoes allow kids to have incredible fun as they jump with anti-gravity effects while developing balance and coordination.

They are made of quality, high-density plastic, with adjustable VELCRO brand nylon closure straps, Moon Shoes feature a self-centering shoe platform with non-skid grip surface for sure-footed, high-bouncing thrills.

Putting Together The Moon Shoes

This was the most tricky part for me (as I am useless and my husband was out!)

There isn’t too much assembly required but you need to follow the clear instructions and be safe, as using elastic bands and making them pretty tight.

instructions for moon shoes

moon shoes content

The amount of elastic bands needed depends on the weight of your child. My eldest who is 8 needed two elastics bands threading through each hole to support her but lighter kids only need 1 and heavier 3. Have a good read of this.

elastic bands hooked through moon shoes

There are very clear instructions on then how to hook the bands to the sturdy plastic bases. Just follow them carefully, do this without the kids around and careful around your eyes with the bands.

The bands had a coating on them; almost like a cream which I think helps to stretch the bands and hook them through the shoe.

My hands were a little sore after pulling the bands so tight!

You can adjust the bands and add more or less as the instructions advise. You ideally want the shoe to not be touching the floor when bouncing. There maybe a bit of trial and error here.

moon shoes with elastic bands hooked on

moon shoes with bands hooked from underneath

Bouncing on Moon Shoes

My eldest is 8 and these are recommended for children 7 years and older and you can see why. Kids need to securely fit their feet into the shoe and use the Velcro tightly. My 5 year old had a go but her foot obviously is smaller.

My eldest needed a little bit of practice first to bounce and I had to hold her hand but she soon got the hang of it. It was pretty funny to watch her. The weight limit is around 59kg, so I was gutted I couldn’t have a go!

We felt the most comfortable on the grass, as she did fall over a couple of times and needed pulling up. It was practice to keep control and not go over on her ankles.

But she LOVED the Moon Shoes. They were such a giggle. She could bounce around in them and walk around too. They were quite tiring to use and great exercise. We were playing out in not the warmest weather and my eldest was roasting.

girl wearing moon shoes

I couldn’t get my head around them working but they DO! The plastic is very sturdy and no cracking. The bands took her weight well for her to jump quite high. Once you have set them up, you are raring to go. The bands are thick and take the weight and bounce.

You can use them indoors too but we have mainly used outdoors on the grass.

Overall Thoughts

I was wondering how well these Moon Shoes would work but I was really quite impressed. They are sturdy and secure and come with very clear instructions.

My eldest is loving bouncing around on them; they are great for exercise and fun both indoors and out. Kids need to be keeping fit without thinking they are keeping fit and Moon Shoes are perfect for this!

You need to take the time to set up correctly and you may find a bit of trial and error for the bands but we were fine with the two per hole, as recommended on the instructions.

The only issue my eldest had was standing up if she tumbled down. It can be a bit hard to get on your feet, so I did have to pull her up!

Overall a really fun, innovative product and great for active kids.

Disclosure – we were provided with these products and compensated for our time. All thoughts and opinions are our own.