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Peppa Pig Weebles Pull-Along Wobbily Train | AD

little boy playing with the Peppa Pig Weebles train

I just about remember the wobbly toys Weebles when I was a little girl. They wobble around and great fun for kids.I don’t actually remember having any myself but remember them from playgroups and school. Imagine my surprise to see that Weebles are back – in the lovely Peppa Pig Weebles Collection!

All 3 of my children have been fans of Peppa Pig; the older girls in particular, so I was looking forward to showing my younger little man the Peppa Pig Weebles.

More About Peppa Pig Weebles

All the favourite characters from Peppa Pig have now been re-created as Weebles figures! They wiggle and wobble but never fall down. Perfect for little ones who hate toys falling.

There are lots of characters to collect and they can be played with in the Peppa Pig Weebles vehicle sets. There is also a Wind and Wobble Playset for little ones to create their own wobbly Peppa world.

We were kindly sent two Peppa Pig Weebles Toys

The Peppa Pig Weebles Pull-Along Wobblily Train

This product retails at £19.99.

Little ones can pull the Peppa Pig Weebles Pull-Along Wobblily Train and see their included Peppa Weebles figure wobble along too. There is space for another character too.

Peppa Pig Weebles wobbly train

Peppa Pig Weebles Figures

Peppa Pig Weebles Figures

As mentioned children can collect all their favourite characters from Peppa Pig as cute wobbly Weebles. They come in single and 2-figure packs. Prices start at £3.99.

Both products are available to buy from Smyths Toys.

Testing Out the Product

My little man and his elder sister who is 5 loved the Weebles. They both played together for ages!

The Weebles are easy for smaller hands and we loved how they just wobbled around on our wooden floor but never actually fell over!

My little man loved the train, as he adores any vehicles! He was bringing his cars into the games. The train is pretty sturdy once all carriages are connected and the Weebles balance perfectly.

My little man need a little help connecting the carriages of the train from me, as there is a little knack but overall he was fine and it was great watching him play.

Overall Thoughts

The new Peppa Pig Weebles toys are perfect for young hands and letting little ones imaginations run wild. The Weebles are perfect for little ones as they never fall over, which can be a little frustrating sometimes. We loved watching them wobble on the hard floor.

The Weebles train is a simple but effective toy that allows children to create games and use skills connecting the carriages and placing the Peppa Pig Weebles characters on.

The Weebles are perfect for Peppa Pig fans and can be gripped easily and placed in the train, where again they balance and don’t fall.

My little man and my 5 year old daughter were both so happy playing together and the Peppa Pig Weebles and toys have beeb a hit!

Disclosure – we were provided with these products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.