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Science Mad! Digital Metal Detector AND 50mm Telescope REVIEW | AD

girl looking through science mad telescope

I love toys that are educational, also anything STEM. I think it’s great that kids can be learning but also having fun at the same time. Our family comes from a science background, with my husband having a PhD in physics and I have a biology degree. Of course we would love our kids to get more interested in science and one of the best ways is to start them young! This is where Science Mad! and their products can really help! The girls were kindly sent a Science Mad 50mm telescope and digital metal detector.

Science Mad products are available on Amazon.

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More About Science Mad!

Science Mad! offer kids real scientific equipment and kits with real working features and help children through experiments in many science fields, chemistry, physics and electronics. Science Mad! want to drive a passion for science but of course make it fun!

There is so much to discover in the Science Mad! range: Telescopes, Microscopes, a Chemistry Lab Set and a Crystal Growing Set, a Planetarium Star Globe, a Light Up Globe, a Build Your Own Vacuum Cleaner Kit, Night Vision Goggles, a 5-in-1 Weather Station kit, Digital Walkie Talkies, a Rock Tumbler kit and a Circuit Lab kit!

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Science Mad! Digital Metal Detector

This Digital Metal Detector retails at £24.99 and can be found on Amazon.

This product is perfect for a treasure hunt to find the coins, metal objects and lost treasures buried under your feet! The metal detector is light-weight and sturdy, so you can use both indoors and out.

You need a 9V battery and this isn’t included.

science mad! metal detector in the box

Using the Metal Detector

The metal detector was easy to unbox and set up. You had to put the battery in, which you need a screwdriver for.

science mad metal detector in bags

You need to set the sensitivity using a knob that you can turn. The more sensitive you set it, of course the more metal it will pick up and beep! You can see that on the picture below.

My kids loved it, especially my 5 and 2 year old! Once it was switched on it was on, you didn’t need to hold any buttons down or anything.

science mad metal detector set up

They loved exploring the garden and our front drive trying to see what metal they could find. My husband hid some coins and they found them.

The detector worked well. For somethings you had to put it quite close to hear it beep but you can adjust the sensitivity. It was light and easy to carry. The handle did come off a couple of times but was easily fixable.

What I liked was the metal detector encouraged some really interesting conversations about what objects are made of metal! And what it is. My 5 year old is just starting to learn and it made it so much fun for her. They were testing the car, metal grids on the road, lamp posts, you name it!

They really had fun.

Science Mad! 50mm Telescope

This 50mm Telescope retails at £30.99 and can also be found on Amazon.

This simple, robust children’s telescope is the ideal introduction for developing an interest in astronomy. Its simple-to-use refractor design with a 50mm objective lens allows plenty of light to be collected, making it easier to see the far away detail of the brightly lit moon or luminous star clusters. With the 20mm or 4mm eyepieces you can see these celestial objects, and more, with 18X or 90X magnification. It’s easy to set up and great fun.

Science Mad! 50mm telescope

Using the 50mm Telescope

The 50mm telescope was easy to set up. It comes with the tri-pod, the telescope, a 45 degree prism and two eye pieces – 20mm and 4mm (which give the difference magnifications).

You can see more below. My hubby didn’t look at the instructions but of course worth having a look!

It is worth setting up during the day to get the focus correct and on nearby option – like another house on the street or a car at the end of the street.

pieces from the science mad 50mm telescope

My hubby thought it was easier to set up with the 4mm eye piece, as less magnification and was easier to get to grips with the focusing.

The kids were fascinated. It was easy for them to look through and they had a look at the moon to see the craters. You get a brighter picture with less zoom in but less details of course.

It is not too complicated for little ones, as a beginners telescope. The only things you can swap out are the eye pieces, so this is pretty simple. My eldest managed to focus it and could see objects across the street clearly.

girl looking through science mad telescope

Overall Thoughts 

The metal detector and telescope from Science Mad are perfect for little ones starting to get more interesting in science. Not too complicated or expensive, they allow kids to learn but also have fun. They were easy to set up and get started and older children may not need too much assistance.

My little ones were fascinated with finding metal objects in the garden and staring at the moon through the telescope. It captured their interest and kept them busy. They asked lots of questions about what objects are made with metal and as my husband is very interested in physics (with a PhD), he loves it!

These products would make excellent Christmas presents and definitely worth checking out some of the other products from Science Mad.

Would you like to win a Science Mad 30mm Telescope?

See this below:

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If so enter via Rafflecopter below.

All terms and conditions can be found here.

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Good Luck!

Disclosure – we were provided with these products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.



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  5. Susan B
    October 19, 2021 / 2:43 pm

    What a couple of great toys and a perfect introduction to STEM subjects. Our youngest would love it.

  6. October 19, 2021 / 4:17 pm

    I love things like this and would certainly have bought them for my boys were they younger. Who knows, they may have turned into archeologists or astro-scientists!!

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