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Turtle Bay Autumn Cocktail Menu REVIEW | AD

autumn cocktails in turtle bay

I am a huge fan of Turtle Bay. I have been many times; stumbled out after a delicious bottomless brunch. Tested out their delicious vegan menu with my work friend and had lovely meals with the family. I love the food, the drinks, the atmosphere and the decor. It’s great to go with both family and friends and something a little different too. I was really excited to head over to our local branch in Solihull and test out the Turtle Bay Autumn Cocktail Menu with my neighbour. We had loads to catch up on and I was looking forward to it.

Turtle Bay Restaurants

For any of you that don’t know Turtle Bay is a Caribbean-style restaurant; it serves your traditional curries, jerk chicken and rice and beans AND cocktails.

There is a really cool vibe in the restaurant in Solihull. The decor is amazing, lots of bright colours and graffiti wall art.

I have some fabulous photos from when I tested out the vegan menu back in January 2020 (where has that time gone?)

turtle bay solihull

turtle bay solihull

Turtle Bay Autumn Cocktail Menu

I was really excited to try some of these. Cocktails at Turtle Bay are priced at £9 each but they have a happy hour time where they are 2-4-1 and again from 9:30pm during the week and 10pm at weekends right up until close.

The team have revealed some fruity new twists on some cocktail favourites including a Pineapple Daiquiri (with Jamaica Cove Pineapple Rum & triple sec, fresh lime & pineapple); the Coconut and Grapefruit Mojito (with Koko Kanu & white rum, fresh coconut, mint, lime & grapefruit); and the Spiced Julep, (with Duppy Share Spiced Rum & tequila, fresh lime, mint, apple & ginger beer).

The tropical treatment is the new Grapefruit Fizz  – a mix of aperol, passionfruit, grapefruit & prosecco. Sounds amazing and perfect to get you holiday ready.

Meanwhile some unique and beautiful new white rum drinks have been shaken up for the new cocktail list including Rum Runner (white rum, amaretto & banana liqueur, fresh lime, grapefruit & raspberry);  Montego Bae (Wray & Nephew, falernum, fresh lime, apple & pineapple) and the Kingston Solero – the ultimate rum refresher with white rum, mango, passionfruit, coconut milk, vanilla & fresh lime.

red haired lady in turtle bay solihull

Eating and Drinking at Turtle Bay

It was a school night for us girls and we both had work the next day, so I knew I would only be trying a couple of cocktails and my friend is slightly more of a light weight than me, so she was having one.

I decided to go for the Pineapple Daiquiri and my friend the Grapefruit Fizz. The Daiquri was fab – strong tasting but so fruity. It went down very easily and I know I could have ordered a few in Happy Hour!

My friend enjoyed the Grapefruit Fizz. This one is more sour-tasting but if you like Prosecco, is perfect. I liked it but preferred the smoothness of the rum in my Daiquiri.

autumn cocktails in turtle bay

I decided to try another cocktail and this time went for the Kingston Solero. This was very fruity and quite a rich tasting one. I preferred my Daiquiri but it was good. If you like coconut milk and mango, a good one for you.

Kingston solero cocktail turtle bay

Food-wise we both knew we couldn’t go wrong with a lot of choices at Turtle Bay and I went for the Curry salmon, which is a salmon fillet, simmering in coconut milk, herbs and spices.

My friend went for Jerk Salmon, which is pan fried, crispy, skin-on salmon fillet pairs perfectly with the herbs and spices in our bay jerk sauce.

Both are priced at £11.80, which is think is reasonable. As usual the dishes were amazing. Cooked to perfection, hot and delicious. I love the different flavours in Caribbean food and as mentioned, it is something different to what we would eat at home. We can never get rice and peas to taste the same.

jerk salmon turtle bay curried salmon turtle bay

We had another delicious meal at Turtle Bay Solihull and I’m heading back in a couple of weeks with friends. I will definitely be having another Autumn Cocktail and looking forward to some more delicious food.

Disclosure – we were provided with a £50 voucher to spend at Turtle Bay in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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  1. October 20, 2021 / 3:22 pm

    I am gutted that there isn’t a Turtle Bay near us. I love the sound of the cocktails. What a treat and the food looks and sounds amazing! x