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Turtle Bay New Menu – **REVIEW**

Turtle Bay New Menu – **REVIEW**

We have been to Turtle Bay Solihull to review it before. This was pre-Piglet, in fact I was very pregnant with her! You can check out my review here.

We were invited recently to review their new menu and were really keen. The food, drink and atmosphere was fab and we knew it would be a treat to go back.

More About Turtle Bay

If you have never heard of Turtle Bay it is a Caribbean-style restaurant; it serves your traditional curries, jerk chicken and rice and beans AND cocktails (not that I could have any for the second time running!)

I love the decor and atmosphere as you go in. There is cool graffiti on the walls and loads of colour. We headed over on a Saturday lunchtime and it wasn’t too busy.

What Did we Choose at Turtle Bay?

I remember being really envious of hubby’s curry last time we went so knew I would go for something like that but at first we chose drinks.


No alcohol was on the cards for the grown ups, so we decided to go for virgin cocktails. Our first round was a strawberry vanilla mojito which was made from strawberry and mint, vanilla, lime and apple juices. It was very sweet but went down very well!

The gremlin had an apple juice and little Piglet sticks with water.


I always tend to choose fish when I go out to eat, as we don’t eat it as much at home. Fussy kids! The gremlin and Piglet didn’t have any starters but I went for Pit Prawns, which were whole shell-on grilled king prawns, crushed garlic, roti flatbread. This was so delicious and I love prawns. It wasn’t too filling but full of taste.

Pit Prawns from Turtle Bay

Hubby chose Crispy Squid which was panko coated squid, mango mole and jerk mayonnaise to dip. I stole a bit of this. It was cooked to perfection and I loved the dip.

Crispy Squid from Turtle Bay


I was a bit worried about the girls, as when we came last time (with Piglet not being born!), the gremlin was very fussy and didn’t eat anything. However, I had read the menu and thought she would manage something this time. Piglet is easy going so I knew she would be ok.

The gremlin chose of the kid’s menu and had a Beef Burger (plain) with chips. She devoured the entire thing. Phew!!I chose a chicken flatbread for Piglet which was flatbread topped with chicken, cheese and tomatoes. She stared at it for a while before eating half, which impressed me, as was a big portion! I tasted it and it was yummy.

2 year old eating chicken and cheese flatbread from Turtle Bay

I decided to definitely go for a curry and chose curried salmon, which is described as a light coconut curry sauce with garlic, ginger, scotch bonnet, steamed rice and roti flatbread. This was fabulous, so aromatic and tasty. I found the taste very different, as it’t not an Indian or Thai curry, it’s Caribbean!! Therefore very unique. I really enjoyed it and would recommend and I love fish!

Hubby also went for curry had the chicken Trini Curry which is described as made with Caribbean spices, coconut milk, coconut rice ‘n’ peas and roti flatbread. He really liked the rice and beans and found the overall dish delicious and very well cooked. It was very different and something we wouldn’t cook at home.

chicken Trini Curry from Turtle Bay


I was completely stuffed and decided against my third course. Piglet isn’t much of a dessert person either, so we didn’t bother for her.

The gremlin of course went for chocolate ice-cream and this was a big portion, so I did end up helping her. It was very tasty and not too rich.

Hubby would never say no to dessert and chose Caymanas Upside Down Rum Cake. I didn’t fancy this as don’t tend to like alcohol in desserts and sweets. It’s described as warm golden mellow rum cake, rum caramel & vanilla ice-cream. Hubby loved it. It had a lovely flavour of rum but not too overpowering. Ice cream was amazing, as I had a sneaky taste. Think I preferred to the chocolate!

Overall Thoughts

I think I enjoyed my visit to Turtle Bay more this second time, as the girls both really enjoyed what they had and I loved my curry! The food is so different to anything we would cook at home and makes the eating out experience worthwhile. I love the bright decor and you do want to look around and take everything in. It has a good atmosphere. Hubby and I checked the prices and felt it was very average and definitely not too expensive, so won’t be a huge dent on the purse strings either.

Mum and daughter in Turtle Bay Solihull

If you fancy tasty, unique flavours with a great atmosphere, check out your local Turtle Bay.

Disclosure – we were provided with a family meal in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.